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  1. second workshop news Our second workshop last night went very well. There was a good atmosphere and we had eleven participants. More experienced guitarists are also welcome to come and play along. There will be two more free workshops at the Cooper Park Pavilion. Tuesday 3rd November and Tuesday 10th November. Both from 6:30 to 8pm. Then we will have to decide if we want to continue as a community project. We had a visit from an old friend of mine, Dave White, who is a drummer and drum tutor. This is the link for his web site - http://www.myspace.com/davewhitemusic Dave suggested we start a "Rock School" project. This would mean we have tutors for Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboard, all working separately on the same song. Then we get together and play as bands.
  2. How to Find Us The Workshops are at the Cooper Park Pavilion in Huntly. The Cooper Park Pavilion is near Huntly Castle, just before the castle on the right hand side coming from the town. The Cooper Park Pavilion has its own car park. We will most likely be using the door at the far end from the car park. The postcode is AB54 4SH If you put this post code into Google you will get a map of the area.
  3. Huntly Web Site Huntly Music Workshops are on the Huntly web site now - News Roy.
  4. Thanks Henry. Huntly Music Workshops now has a myspace web site - Huntly Music Workshops (Huntly Music Workshops) | MySpace
  5. Tuesday evening guitar workshops at the Cooper Park Pavilion in Huntly. The start date for the guitar workshops has been changed to Tuesday 20th October. Apologies for that. It was an oversight. The tutor will be in London on the week we were going to start. Roy
  6. Starting on Tuesday 13th October 2009 there will be weekly guitar workshops at the Cooper Park Pavilion in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. The workshops will start at 6.30 pm and finish at 8pm every Tuesday. You will just need to bring your own instrument, acoustic or electric. The workshop leader has plenty of experience and wants to help musicians to develop their skills by playing with other guitarists.
  7. roy

    Novice guitarist

    Thanks Hi Davido, Thanks for the jam today, I enjoyed it. Roy.
  8. Hi Sam Hi Sam, Did you get my reply to your private message? Roy.
  9. roy

    Novice guitarist

    Still Looking I am still looking too. I have had some good jam sessions and one guitarist comes to Huntly regularly to jam and practice with me. I am also not very skilled, and I am not yet able to fit straight into a gigging band. If it is not too far for you then you will be welcome to come to Huntly, or I could travel to you when the weather improves.
  10. Thanks Thanks to the members who sent me Private Messages. This has prompted me to be clearer about the nature of my "Jam in Huntly" project. What I am mostly looking for is people who want to practice some songs over the long term and get them sounding good. Sort of a "not gigging in the near future" band. I have had some good jam sessions with people just for fun, and I am happy to have more of those. From beginner to experienced musicians are all welcome. I have also had enquiries from musicians who want me to fit straight into a band or project they are working on. I have to say I am not yet skilled enough to do that, although I am happy to hear from more experienced musicians and have a chat. The idea of "Jam in Huntly" is for me to get some practice and play with other musicians, and to have some fun. What might emerge in the future is open. Could be a band that gigs occasionally, could be just playing together regularly to learn and develop musically.
  11. I am looking for musicians to jam with in Huntly. I am 55 years old and I play guitar, I like all styles of music, and really, really like blues.
  12. Would you be willing to come as far as Huntly? Roy.
  13. roy

    Novice guitarist

    Are you anywhere near Huntly?
  14. roy

    Jam in Huntly

    'Phoned Hi Harry. I called your number and left a message. Please get back to me if you are still interested. Roy.
  15. roy

    Jam in Huntly

    Re: PM Thanks Harry. I will 'phone you tonight.
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