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  1. Hi, I run a couple of club nights in Aberdeen, and we're looking for an experienced drummer to drum along with commercial/chart/electro/DnB in the club on Thursdays. It won't be every Thursday, but ideally would like you to start on the 22nd September for a night called Contagious Behaviour at Bad Apple - Upstairs. You will be paid and the amount is TBC. Send me a text on 07966706991 with your name, experiece etc. Cheers, Nick
  2. come on. in the vein of no warning/guns up/blacklisted etc etc
  3. looking for a drummer and bassist in aberdeen, central. send me a pm if you're keen. in the vein of anything from bridge9, deathwish, dead and gone etc etc - whatever
  4. the plight are fucking amazing nice one guys. as are the computers.
  5. proper tragedy. 'i wanna rock and roll' and 'i'm gonna break down' are two of the best punk songs ever recorded. his solo stuff was amazing, especially the first lp and the matador singles. definitely an amazing songwriter and definitely, in my opinion, one of the best in our generation.
  6. haha. yeah i was going to say this too. there's also an english band called seein' red.
  7. adolescents - creatures "could care less about the queers, THEY'RE FUCKED"
  8. hardcore dancing has hardly emerged in the past ten years.
  9. so we just need a singer to jam with, riffs are kinda like the hives with bits of fucked up/career suicide riffs, vocalist wanted to shout, but shout well. so if you're up for this, post in here - or text message me on : 0 seven 828044 seven 0 five taa
  10. that's um, musical vision for anyone who didn't get it.
  11. i don't post here every second of my life, so hey it was new to me!
  12. in the vein of, cut the shit, suicide file, the rites, negative approach, although if you like any of these bands then it'd probably be cool too... english/uk/us/aussie punk/pop circa 60's onwards, hardcore/garage/indie punk from the 80's onwards, some hip-hop.. the adolescents, g.g. allin and the jabbers, the germs, regulations, cut the shit, the rites, the 86 mentality, the bad brains, no justice, negative approach, carry on, alkaline trio, weakerthans, saves the day, the mountain goats, minor threat, metros, estranged, black flag, the reatards, justice, strokes, mono men, zero boys, shitty limits, no warning, loud and clear, neutral milk hotel, radio birdman, career suicide, vitamin x, dean dirg, skrewdriver, dead stop, wire, modern life is war, crash the pose, shark attack, the vicious, fighting shit, minor threat, the kids, youth of today, warzone.
  13. bands getting big is entirely due to right place right time, nothing else. this is why i'd probably throw it out there and say that a band starting in aberdeen is probably 1,000x less likely to 'make it' than a similar band in edinburgh or london.
  14. can be seen, in full, here: Flickr: gonowheres' Photostream here are some examples... classics of love mike park the hijacks crash down
  15. suggestions anyone, and vague directions would be awesome. ideally not the obvious skateparks. cheers!!
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