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  1. Ooft! Most of the UK's best artists only charge around 50-70 per hour! If it was awesome then cost isnt an issue but if its shit/average then thats gotta suck!!!
  2. I started this thread as I genuinely wanted to know about his standard of tattooing as I really think hes a decent guy, nice studio, into my kinda thing etc etc. Lets just say that most of the people posting in this know a thing or 2 about tattoos as that seems to be everyones reply at the moment. The linework on the pictures I have seen on the work posted on Facebook is not of a standard I would be happy with. I have seen a couple of pieces by Lee that were decent.
  3. Ha ha ha. Since starting this post Ive seen alot of work done at this studio. Nice guy, my style of tattoos but the execution is very very poor! If I was being honest Id say Lee's work was better than Nicks...but still wouldnt let either of them near me.
  4. Ah..maybe question answered right there then!!! Not sure who I offended but it wasnt intentional, just merely stated a point, no reasoning mentioned why I wouldnt get tattooed there or slagging of anyone in the process...just wanted some info on the new shop!
  5. Yeah I wouldnt let any of the guys at Draconian tattoo me let alone the apprentice! Hmmm will just have to hope his work starts springing up on folks to see the standard. He seems to have decent taste/style so it would be good if his tattooing matched up!
  6. New tattoo shop opened on the green. Went in and had a chat with the guy who is really sound. Anyone any experience with his work? Was in at Red Hot and Blue yesterday and they knew him but not his work so just seeing if anyones had work or known of work by him? Cheers
  7. Sarah Schor @ Red Hot just done my half sleeve! Awesome shop and awesome tattooers!
  8. Good forum here Tattoo Magazine - Skin Deep and Skin Shots Forum - Powered by vBulletin or buy Lal Hardys book "The Mammoth Book of Tattoos" its a very good source for ideas got given it as a present and its awesome!
  9. Nice. My mate who posted earlier went to Copenhagen last year and got a half sleeve from Unkle Allan which is VERY nice!
  10. Cool. In that case Id say try Gary @ Inkredible Kreations in Perth.
  11. Pauls work is Old School. Richard does awesome Japanese though.
  12. Sweet, really like this! Saw this on his myspace earlier. Just spoke to Sarah Schor at Red Hot and Blue and paid a deposit so she is starting drawing a half sleeve for me to be done in the next few months! Been scouring Tattoo Magazine - Skin Deep and Skin Shots Forum - Powered by vBulletin for a while and every time you search for good reports on tattoo artists in Scotland you get the same answers...Paul Slifer, Richard Pinch, Sarah Schor and an unbelieveable number of people recommened Gary Weidenhoff @ Inkredible Kreations in Perth whos work of all styles is undeniably awesome! Sorry but Richards the only Aberdeen based tattooer who seems to get a look in.
  13. Yeah he is really good. Him and Richard seem to be 2 of the most regognised artists in Scotland. Im not really into old school like he does but really keen to get something from Sarah and Red Hot and Blue.
  14. Ha ha. Im on crutches at the mo so they couldve probably kicked mine in if I had tried. If I could have I would have moved down closer to get away. Dont understand paying 6 to stand at the bar and not turn your head once. Agree with the comment on the support. Didnt get to see the first guy but thought Steven was brilliant, really nice voice. (songs were crazy long would be my only comment).
  15. Thought last night was amazing. So good live and was a real personality on stage. Just wished some folks near me would have shut up and listened rather than being stupid wasted little girls.
  16. I just got an e-mail from Abbey National asking me to log all my details yada yada yada. Anyway as I bank with Barclays I knew it was some scammer...then I looked at the senders e-mail address!!! Made me chuckle, at least they are honest! From: "Abbey National plc." <emailscam.online@abbey.com> Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipients Abbey National Technical Services department is carrying Out a scheduled Software Upgrade to Improve the quality of Services for bank's customers. Clicking On the Link Below will start the procedure to confirm your Login details These Instruction are being sent to all abbey National Bank Customers and they must carried Out. We Apologies for the inconvenience and Thank you for your Co- Operation. Abbey National Plc
  17. "Headlights" and "Expectations" are sadly missed from your song selection. Ha ha only kidding dude sounding good but quality is the only issue. Dallas Green is your hero!!!!
  18. Just looked out my window and it looks closed to me!!!
  19. Ha ha ha. Yeah luckily I dont have a hairy back but rest of me unfortunately is pretty thick!
  20. This was just after taking off the cover, the feather is now quite light and really detailed...the first "aut" is where the ink has now bled slightly. Also got a sketch style nautical star just above my elbow on the back of my arm, really rough looking like a kid drew it with a biro but thats exactly what I wanted.
  21. My ex got her foot tattooed at Rapport. The guy designed it and in all honesty it is the worst tattoo I have ever seen in real life. Looks like it was done with a knitting needle and biro ink. My back and side had healing problems despite following the same care regime as my first one. Ink didnt take in small places but I think its due to very minor tissue scarring from chickenpox. Also the ink bled a little on my side from wearing suit trousers at work that ride a little higher than my normal ones!
  22. Ive run a lot of weddings over the past few years (I work in a hotel) and have seen many an attempt to cover up tattoos...all of which have failed big time! Surely if she asked you she knew what she was getting!?! Whos doing your half sleeve by the way? Im hoping to get one in May. Looking at your tattoos you will prob appreciate the guys style... LIONEL_OUT OF STEP_TATTOO !!!!! Good luck anyway but as I said Ive seen nothing but bad results!
  23. Oh and Dianne....really like the style of yours...especially the "love is" and the ones on your feet!
  24. Just joined the forum and saw this thread... Im a big Richards fan-have 1 from him and 1 from Jimmy but plan on a fair few more...I read alot of tattoo mags and they speak very highly of him and he is also regularly winning awards despite not attending many conventions himself. A couple of my friends have a lot of work from Draconian...2 full sleeves, chest piece etc and the results are VERY mixed. Some are very good but some very bad! Fair enough Richards can be quite grumpy and the studio layout doesnt lend itself well to a warm layout...BUT Id rather sit in silence and come away with a better piece than talk all the way through my session whilst Stix's mum brings me cups of tea and worry about the potential disaster of my tatt!
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