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  1. I think in the Moorings we will always be known as Maiden Scotland!!
  2. Haha i never noticed this reply before thats even funnier, tribute to a shit band? 70 million album sales spanning nearly a 30 year career, massive worldwide tour this year playing to millions of people.....i was i was that shit!! And just for the record, the moorings was packed last night for what was another great gig, also enabling 2 local original metal bands to get to air their excellent material to punters who were coming down to see a not so shit maiden tribute.
  3. Just wanted to give a personal thanks to Flash, Fudge and the rest of the staff for making the moorings one of the best gigs around, its always an absolute pleasure to play there, even though we are nearly dying of heat exhaustion by the end!! Obviously major thanks to everyone who came along as well for what was another cracking night!! once Fudge realises that we play for more than an hour it will be even better See you all soon!:headbang:
  4. I think thats abit unfair to Fudge and the Moorings as they do for the most part but on what you call "real" bands. Obviously being in tribute band that play the Moorings I am going to say I dont see the problem, The Moorings puts on acts that "fit" in with them. They dont go chasing every shit tribute band to try and make money.....which doesnt actually work anyway as people soon get tired of over saturation, I think they have got the balance just right, considering Fudge actually asks the customers what they want. you cant say fairer than that We do this for fun, we always have a great time at the Mooring and the feedback from a pub full of happy punters says they must be doing something right. We will be there on Sat 8th November for all the punters who dont want to se a "real" band Cheers Mark Maiden Scotland
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