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  1. Looking for a singer to get involved with Guitar, Drums and Bass. Covering many bands like Aerosmith, GnR, Crue, Skid Row, Van Halen, Ozzy, VR, LA Guns etc etc. Looking to cover more tracks from these bands that don't necessarily get played as much but still play some of the "classics" Its the music us guys in the band grew up with and love to hear/play. Aim is to gig once we're up to speed. Get in touch if it's your thing. Cheers. P.
  2. Just what I'm after. Recently purchased an SVT 450H and need a cab for it. You say you'd deliver? Where are you in Aberdeen?
  3. I love these old Ampegs. How awkward is it to fit in the back of a hatchback?
  4. Saw a couple on Gumtree? You mean like one of those dodgy magic tricks where the lovely assistant climbs inside a glittery wooden box then the box splits in 2 pieces? A bit harsh when all he wants is cheap bass, no? ;-)
  5. Hey, yea, I play bass in a couple of cover bands but I do mess around with some original stuff. I dont have a home studio as such, just Logic with a few other bits and pieces. I'm terrible for starting a song but never really finishing it. Ha! Check it out... http://www.reverbnation.com/ringfingerz Cheers
  6. Great voice. Shame I'm not in a band looking for a vocalist. Don't think she'll have much trouble finding a band tho!
  7. Good luck with that. I'd definitely come to check you out if it got off the ground. Dream Theatre are fantastic musicians. Not everyones cup o tea but boy can they play!
  8. I'm NOT a Quo fan! and theres nothing wrong with me! :-)
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