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  1. I'm in a band atm that's going nowhere so looking to join another one as a rhythm guitarist or even bass player (would love to play bass, but don't have one, usually just drop an octave using digitech whammy). Am willing to play whatever role, just want to get back out there. Other band is myspace.com/therealmanofthefuture, I was responsible for everything, except the drums. Can only sing in low register and still need lots of harmonising for it to be halfway decent and can't play drums but anything else I can learn quickly, if anyones intersted just reply, and for the mods, if this is in the wrong thread then just chuck it in the right direciton, cheers.
  2. Hey I may be interested, I can scream well/loud but can't really growl, can only really sing in kind of low register. Would love to play bass but unfortunately don't have one, I usually just use a 7 string and use a digitech whammy to drop an octave. Could also do rhythm guitar if you want. My other band is at ww.myspace.com/therealmanofthefuture but it's not really going anywhere at all. With the songs there I've done absolutely everything except the drumming, and recorded on a wee laptop. My metal influences include Meshuggah, SYL and Cephalic Carnage as well as Pantera and a bit of Opeth. Anyway, reply if you're interested.
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