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  1. The monitor alone is worth 100, and you can opt out the newsletter at anytime. As for it being bullshit if you read my blog I'm sure there is something of use, like for example the power of google alerts or using your computer as a security alarm. Might not be to eveyone's tastes but maybe someone on here should be doing something similar for music equipment? It's a good way of capturing local email addresses which in return helps promote local businesses.
  2. The odds of winning the computer are far better than the lottery! I've only had about 50 people enter so far so that's like a 1 in 50 chance of winning. remember to click the facebook/twitter so all your friends have a chance to enter to
  3. AB1 Computers are offering a free computer here are a run down of the specs.... System specification: AMD Penom 9650 Quad Core CPU, 3GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 2600, 300GB Hard Disc Drive, 19? Handspree Flat Screen monitor with built in speakers. Windows XP, keyboard & mouse included. click here to enter good luck.
  4. Just for your infomration I run AB1 Computers and we repair and service laptops and computers in Aberdeen. We're closed until the 23rd of November but will reopen then. 10% off to all aberdeen-music users
  5. i'm on the denburn - UK Online - halfway up midstocket rd go with a crap ISP what do you expect, I pay 25/month well worth the extra tenner for an xvid movie in 3 minutes.
  6. My friend has just a heap of awards at a film contest down south. The movie can be viewed here Dead Funny the Movie They won 5 out of 8 awards at the 2 Days later short film competition Welcome to the 2 Days Later Short Film Competition Website Thought i'd post this as it's aberdeen based and worth a watch
  7. Hi all, my friend has just finished a short film on the budget cuts by the council. The trailer is now up at the wrong choice website , it's going to be shown at the Belmont in July, leave a comment on our website to show support thanks!
  8. I'm with a smaller ISP called ADSL24, they do not throttle. Well worth the extra, I currently pay 19.99 a month and get a realy good service from them. You can do a speedtest on your line on my website Aberdeen Computer Repair Make sure you have your router plugged into the master socket in your house as this will speed up your connection! Also if you have an older house remove the ring wire (orange) from the main socket as this can cause your connection to slow down to. Apart from that change ISP as a lot of the bigger ones are now throlling utorrent and the like. YOu might also get a letter from them if you are breaking copyright. Thats the good thing about ADSL 24, they are that small if you have a problem you can speak to someone in thier office as opposed to someone in India. My 2 cents.. hope this helps.
  9. I paid 3200 for removal of storage heating and and new central heating - 6 rads work and boiler. Work was done in 3 days.
  10. pastperfect, the prices you quote do not include VAT + SHIPPING from Dell, go to the check out page for the true price. I have a friend that happens to be an account manager at Dell thats why I get good pricing. My price also includes a personal "local" service. Which is pricesless
  11. I need linkage from a ac.uk site as I'm going to be doing some student deals for computer hardware in September. If I can get a link on a site I'll offer a free PC check or upgrade.
  12. Just wondering if anyone had a website with RGU/Aberdeen Uni/College? If so I'm doing a project and would like 2 minutes of your time. goldmercury0@hotmail.com
  13. glass

    good pasta

    never made my own before sounds good! Can you get drum wheat in the super market?
  14. Anyone know anyone renting a cheap flat? Must be near the hospital and don't want to share. goldmercury0 "-at-" hotmail.com
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