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  1. hey dude we are looking for a drooomer,we plan on playing a few covers aswell as writting our own stuff we like him to parkwaydrive to iron maiden let me know wot u think. cheers
  2. hey dude,we are looking for a bassist if your intrested? we plan on doing a few covers like HIM and 36 crazyfists aswell as writing our own,how old are?
  3. Hey there,im a guitar player into ffaf right to bleeding through,have own style of playing(so ive been told) i like to write riffs and songs in genral,i write constantly im in a band at the moment but i am looking for people with drive and not a half assed attitude towards things. Give me a shout back if you want to get a jam at captain toms sorted, or werever we can i got practice space at mine but i stay near peterhead..Dave. ......Or 07760282093 Cheers man.
  4. MetalDave

    Free air!

    Thats right free air for 2 lucky people are you a singer or screamer? do u play bass? then phone us now on 07972825680 or 07760282093, very melodic hardcore in drop b.Nice, We are practicing at toms tomorrow 12-3!! please anyone we need words to our tunes!! cheers Dave.
  5. Hey hows it going we are looking for a singer,we got material written our influences are parkwaydrive killswitch as i lay dying and genral tunage of that style, we are jamming at captain toms this sat at 12-3 call me on 07760282093 if your keen for a jam.Dave
  6. Hello there we are a 3 piece metal band we consist of 2 guitar players and a drummer we practice at captain toms so i suppose we are aberdeen based our influences are killswitch,parkwaydrive,all that remains,as i lay dying,atreyu and genral heavy music of that nature i hate to use the term metalcore but i guess thats we are closest too, with sum material writtin we are realy looking for people fast so call mikey on 07972825680 or myself on 07760282093 and we will get a jam sorted. Cheers for reading lots of love Dave.x:rockon:
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