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  1. Prime Cuts is great, but as previously mentioned, it's a bit on the pricey side. I've only been the once and Richard E Grant happened to be there. Sadly though he didn't demand the finest wines available to humanity.
  2. The perfect cup of coffee? It's got to be David Lynch's signature brand. Damn, that's good coffee.
  3. Can't wait! They were fantastic in The Tunnels a couple of years back. Brilliant band.
  4. Actually this ain't a fact as Mark Walters didn't sign for Rangers until season 1987/88. ?( Can't remember Aberdeen fans flinging bananas at Mark, but there were certainly disgusting incidents of this nature at Hearts and Celtic. Even Rangers had some of their own fans banned for racism directed at him. A bleak period for Scottish football. Getting back on topic, looks good for attending the game at Pittodrie and catching Caribou. I'm sure there will be quite a few of us legging it up King Street to catch the start of this. Just hope I don't get caught up in any 'bother' post match.
  5. If you think your average kebab shop is a good place to observe the fired up proletariat on a Saturday night, it pails into insignificance when compared to the urban safari of Burger King at 3.30am on a Sunday morning. You can actually watch the de-evolution of the human species happening right in front of you. Good God I wouldn't eat there, but fascinating none the less...
  6. Where can you get tickets for this? Don't want to miss the Krautrock legends playing in Aberdeen again.
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