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  1. I recall last year seeing the poll and thinking we were utterly beat, going to the awards, getting completely wrecked because we figured we'd not have to say anything, winning and then Dan and I trying to make a speech. I recall next to nothing of what was said. I kinda like it that way...
  2. Haven't Which Way Now been around longer than Thrashist Regime? Or is it just Newcomers to Fudgenights?
  3. Ah nuts. You guys were awesome. Always a fucking good time playing with you guys.
  4. April 6th in the Tunnels BloodNut BloodNut on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Downfall Downfall on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Semper Fi SEMPERFI :: Demo coming soon on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thrashist Regime Thrashist Regime on MySpace Music Should be a beasting metal night!
  5. Well it depends which Antman. If it's Pym then I'm all for it. But I actually Like O' grady.
  6. BEST LIVE ACT - Downfall BEST 'ROCK' BAND - Bloodnut BEST 'EXTREME' BAND - Ablach MOST METAL OF METAL - Black Atom(yeah i realise they're not around anymore. Whats your point?) MOST MISSED - Black Atom BEST VENUE - Moorings BEST 'INTERNATIONAL' ACT (for bands that don't come from Aberdeen) - Certain Death
  7. I thought it might be. But these things are best pointed out anyway
  8. BEST 'EXTREME' BAND - Karloff, We Shall Be Blessed, Ablach, Kitchen Cynics, My Minds Weapon, Element 106, Thrashist Regieme, Bonesaw, PVH ...? One day our name will be spelt without any errors. Alas today is not that day
  9. Though I was aware of this. Seeing it in writing just makes it so final. Gutted
  10. I have had a look. we're trying to see if everyone can make it/ be in Aberdeen. I'll get back to you as soon as
  11. We still can't do it as some of our members will be in Belgium listening to beasting thrash at the time. bugger
  12. I feel the same way about the drums. Its in dire need of fills. But we did just try and get as much done in as little time as possible. So there wasn't alot of time for flair. Theres a lot of bits in there which were supposed to have lead parts over them, but we didn't have a lead guitarist at the time. From a point of view of listening to them and not playing them I find now that There will be Blood and especially From the top are quite dull to listen to. But that can be changed. I like how the vocals sound and they were all done in one take. Again just so we could get to mixing as quickly as possible and because they sounded good for what the demo is supposed to be. I think we'd come off better live though.
  13. I was kidding the Bass doesn't sound that good. It's barely audible through most of it. And has a not very good distortion on it(my fault). But it was cutting through even less without it. I just few the demo as a way people can hear a rough version of our stuff. Nothing more
  14. I think it sounded alright. Nothing amazing but alright. The bass is the shiz though
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