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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would suggest wearing tight revealing clothes, maybe a low cut top and a pair of trousers that show off your bulge. Make sure you have some nice cologne and your hair is clean and shiny. Try to avoid wearing a top with a slogan like "Daddy's little slut" or "100% Cumdumpster" because these are qualities that shops frown upon you advertising. Maybe a bit of eye makeup, but not too much, you don't want to look like you are trying too hard, maybe a light dusting of glitter as well. When you hand in your CV make sure you lean over the counter so there is a clear view down your top and whisper something suggestive to person behind the counter ("i'm keeping you in mind baby" worked for me) also make sure your hand is very moisturized so when you shake the persons hand they can feel that you take a pride in the softness of your skin. You should remember that they want someone who has an interest in what they are selling as well, when i applied for my job at HMV i also bought five copies of the Norah Jones album, so they knew i had a passion for music. Buying multiple copies of the same thing shows that you really care about this artist or author doing well. You need to make sure that you come across as an individual too, places like HMV and Waterstones like to have interesting, cool people working for them. When i was in my interview i casually threw in that i loved going to strip clubs and had a pretty heavy drink and drug problem, which led to me getting involved in a lot of fights. The boss will be thinking "this guy will be a hoot at the staff parties" i also performed a couple of magic tricks. It's a good idea to mention that you are sexually attracted to both male and female members of staff since in these days of heightened political correctness you can sometimes sound old fashioned leering at just the female members of staff. I'm sure there are other things people can add to this list, but these things all worked for me and i was soon working for HMV and having an ace time. Haha, think you kinda summed up most the staff in thoughs places.
  2. I just passed HMV, the window says there looking for part time staff which would be perfect. But I've been told to go online, and theres no mention of it :swearing::swearing:
  3. As I love books and music. So either place would be great. Also mainly because I volunteer in a book/multimedia shop already. And it'd be good to get paid for what am doing as well.
  4. I have tried so hard to get a job in both places but im not sure what im doing wrong. Any information on the best route to apply and when would be great? Cheers
  5. Was just wondering if there was anyone out there.
  6. Hmm i will have to discuss with the guy who prices the cds, i too agree they can be a bit pricey but its for a good cause. I didn't actually know that one up did a second hand bit, i might have a look there on saturday.Cheers for all the replies
  7. I do some volunteer work at the oxfam book shop at back wynd, they always have the good one or two albums. Anyone else? and where?
  8. ah sorry, i was trying to make that my signature. But it fucked up, sorry for misgivings
  9. Well i am happy your happy but i still don't know whose supporting them!?
  10. heh? Forgive me but are you being a ****?
  11. Indeed they are, moshulu 15th of november
  12. Anyone know who is supporting Finch? Haven't received my tickets either!
  13. Happy to say i got mine, now that im 70 lighter, does anyone know of sopports? Early in the day but i thought i may ask Cheers
  14. Woooo I actually won tickets too see them, happy days
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