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  1. DR FLAW Contact us on Facebook or email stuartledingham@hotmail.com. We have all our 1 Marshal Bass Amp, 1 x Guitar Cab, Drum Kit and can play at short notice.
  2. Gig on the 6th Hey, I got an email from Scotty asking if we wanted to support you guys then, which we accepted! Looking forward to the gig. Lenny
  3. Hen, Dr Flaw will play if your still looking for support? Lenny
  4. As above. Dr flaw - facebook.com/drflaw
  5. Dr flaw Have you got an email i can send some tunes to you mate?
  6. Bass player wanted Alright, had a listen to your tracks on myspace and im interested if your stil looking for a bass player. Thought "Burn you down" was a top tune! Been playing for 13 years influenced by the likes of zeppelin, stone roses, mostly 70s rock and 90s indie music if im honest. I currently play bass for Dr Flaw but our drummer is touring Europe til December so were on hiatus for a bit and i dont want to stop playing basically. PM me if your interested or need more details. Cheers
  7. Hi, Dr Flaw would be up for the support slot if you havent had any replies? What is the score with equipment ie drum kits/bass amp/mics etc. Our 2 guitarist would use their own amps. Let me know either way Cheers Lenny
  8. Our Band Dr Flaw would be up for playing this definetely. MySpace.com - Dr. Flaw - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Indie / Alternative - www.myspace.com/drflaw Dr Flaw <drflawmusic> PM me if were what your looking for. Cheers Lenny
  9. Hey Justin, Its Lenny from Dr Flaw, Are you still needing bands to fill any slots? Ta
  10. Hey, Our band Dr Flaw has newley reformed and are on the look out for any support slots. Anyone got a gig that needs support? Dr Flaw <drflawmusic> MySpace.com - Dr. Flaw - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Indie / Alternative - www.myspace.com/drflaw Cheers Lenny
  11. Hey, Dont know if its too late but if you are looking for another band to play our band Dr Flaw are available to play on that date. www.myspace/drflaw.com www.bebo/drflawmusic.com Let us know either way Cheers Lenny
  12. Support band Hey what kinda stuff do you play? Whats the deal ie set time, venue etc?
  13. Yo. I am selling 2 x radiohead tickets for this Friday as i cant make the gig. Face Value of these are 40 but ill sell them for 30 each. Any takers PM me or email stuartledingham@hotmail.com
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