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  1. Anyone out there good with photoshop? Looking for help with a flyer for a night at tunnels in July ... 90's kinda style. If anyone fancies helping me out, ive got a few ideas and some images that id love to use, so anyones offer of help would be appreciated. Will pay you in kind with cakes and sweet treats for your time, and perhaps a packet of smokes if thats your thing ... Look forward to hearing from someone - ANYONE! Thank you!
  2. Anyone have a spare ticket? If so id love to buy it from you .... ideally just needing the one ... .so give me an email if you do have one - that would be great .... thanking you ....
  3. Saturday July 19th 2008 from 10pm into the early hours of 3am. Throw caution to the wind and glitter in the air to join us for a night dedicated to taking you back to the legendary New York Club, Studio 54. Featuring the funkiest of 70s disco Dress; Outrageous and fabulous 3 entry Venue; Tunnels, the citys unique underground club
  4. Hi... just wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a flyer - just the one im needing done! but i no longer have any access to photoshop ( i wasnt that good before) but i have all the text - and some images that would be useful for whoever would like to maybe help me? also - be good to find someone creative as im looking for something really different and funky looking. if anyone can help please give me a mail! payment in a drink of sorts down at tunnels or a small cash amount! thanks again! someone get in touch!
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