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  1. clash67

    Wanted: Ipod

    No problem guys , Ipod has now been earmarked for some local guy in Porty, after spending time fighting with Gumtree scammers
  2. Could it be like the "david gilmour laughing seagull effect" on echoes, by reversing the connections on your wah wah pedal and controlling the effect with you're lower tone knob ?
  3. clash67

    Wanted: Ipod

    Ipod If you are still looking for one, I have a immaculate (original screen protector is still on) Ipod 30GB Video Classic 5th generation. Box and everything, pouch, synch cable and a belkin leather case. Nae the original ear phones, but for hygiene reasons you might want to get new ones. 70.
  4. Hiv yiz hid yir measurin sticks oot yet Two notes of interest
  5. Yeah some people get a bit excited when they see the word free
  6. Hi, These are the dimensions taken from the electone forum. Height 97.5cm x Width 144.4 cm x Depth 58 cm. And as mentioned weight 63kgs. Regards Electone Zone - The Electone Museum
  7. Yamaha Electone B-805, analog, year 1982, 30 watts, H97cm x W144 x D58. 63kg Works but intermittent vol problem, pretty sure it needs a new master volume pot as I had a squint at it today. Rosehill area, any takers?
  8. Also have - EH Nano Small Stone BNIB 35. Boss BD-2 with Monte Allums H2O Plus Mod (bluesy - crunch heaven), but the more I AB test it with the Cornish SS-3 the more I want to keep it. Boss CS-3 with Monte Allums Opto Plus Mod - the led is faulty so need to replace it before I put up for sale
  9. Anyone interested / offers. Selling to get a change of gear Boss DD-20 Giga Delay / looper. Upto 23 secs delay, sound on sound, 10 or 11 delay setting and 4 memory presets. Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble. 4 rotary modes, virtual rotor and more knobs. Both immaculate home use only (very small paint chip DD-20). PM me with email for pics as I'm going tot headed try to download them on here Cheers
  10. For the G-2, still about 3 months to wait from GAK - ordered about 3 months ago. Charlie Chandlers was quoting the same, 3 to 6 months depending on how busy. The BK is the new standard model (no bias) with stock 12 AX7 tube. The adjustable bias model, lets you vary between a warm 12 EU7 to a 12 AT7 tube.
  11. There's this one, but you'd better get ebay sniper on the go if you want one that bad. I'm a bit of a pedal kleptomaniac (legally acquired one's), I use a Absolutely Analogue Green Russian, a 90's green sovtek muff, Pro-co Vintage Rat, BK tube driver, SDuncan SFX-03 and waiting on a cornish G-2. The AA is a nice pedal at reasonable price, or why not go for a BYOC large beaver at 55 which has fantastic reviews. Got to stop talking about muffs n beavers. Vibe-O-Tronic Distribution: Price List skreddy, Musical Instruments, lovepedal, catalinbread items at low prices on eBay.co.uk
  12. Keep an eye on ebay as they do pop up along with the pink flesh. I once had a bid in for 300 and I still lost out:swearing:.
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