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  1. FRESH MUSIC STUDIO LTD Fresh Music is a company based in Aberdeen which caters for all budding musicians. All students will have access to a huge number of resources and excellent teaching on either acoustic/electric guitar or bass. We aim to provide efficient and modern teaching methods to help our students learn successfully and at their own pace. We look at all areas of musicianship including rock school material, tab reading, music notation, theory, improvisation, chords and specialist techniques to name but a few. We also focus on important skills to do with live performance, teaching and band management. We offer opportunities to our students to practice what they have learned in a professional environment. We also look at styles which are specific to each student, providing songs and preparation material to help them achieve their own targets. We offer flexible hours, catering for those who are at school, college/university or in full or part-time work. Our competitive rate helps make us one of the leading music schools in the North-East. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Fresh Music Studio Ltd info@freshmusic.org.uk 07923 359 301 LESSONS IN YOUR OWN HOME- COMPETITIVE RATES
  2. Fresh Music Studio Ltd offers guitar and bass lessons for all you budding musicians. Any style and level welcome. Lessons one to one in your own home. For more information contact us: Fresh Music Studio Ltd 07923359301 Fresh Music Studio Ltd <Fresh-Music> info@freshmusic.org.uk
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