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  1. As title. I've had this guitar for years so a few scratches and marks, but otherwise in great condition. Plays great and sounds great. I believe the model no is FA1CDE. Has a solid top, and is folk shaped with a cutaway. Any questions feel free. Anyone is welcome to come and see it, I'm located near Morrisons just off King Street. Price - 160 ovno
  2. Anyone know if any of the casinos are decent for low stakes holdem no limit games? Not interested in tournaments.
  3. USB1.1. If it was the 2.0 version would be selling for a much higher price!
  4. Sure let me know in the next few days then. Would rather not go to eBay but both have to be sold in the near future to fund something else.
  5. What are you making an offer for? I assume the mixer. If that is the case you still save £34 and I doubt that price includes postage.
  6. Alesis Multimix 8USBFX - works perfectly, you can get some great recordings with it. £60. Rode NT1A - Pretty much brand new, used on one occasion to record a track that's it. Have the box, comes with lead, shockmount, pop filter, and stand. All in immaculate condition. £100. PM me if interested. I live just off King Street, you can come and pick up or I can meet you in a convenient place.
  7. http://soundcloud.com/elgo Let me know what you think!
  8. Hey, couple rough tracks up just audio from camera recording. Pretty stoked with it though, been writing stuff like this for ages so decided to start getting it out there. Appreciate any feedback http://soundcloud.com/elgo
  9. Anyone have anything sitting about?
  10. Cheers very much, didn't know the bobbin did them I'll have to check that out. Probably just to watch the first couple times and see if I want to make a tit of myself Does drummonds do one?
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