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  1. Thanks so much for posting this, registered today and got an appointment next week. Anyone got any comments about them?
  2. I have a Yamaha YTS62 tenor sax for sale. minty condition , Pro sax for sale at intermediate sax price. Loads of beginner, intermediate books too.
  3. Indeed it is Sir:up: This is the one Yamaha 62 Tenor Sax YTS-62
  4. Pro- model Nearly mint condition , some strap rash and a tiny ding. Never been gigged. Non smoker use. Hard case . 2 Yamaha mouth pieces and some music books. Photo's on request 820.00
  5. Not bothered if its a 1.4 or a 1.8 Cash waiting
  6. Pal's looking for a set of electic drums to practice on. Nothing fancy & cash burning a hole in his pocket
  7. 225.oo for a monthly bunk up... Thats cheaper than the wife:popcorn:
  8. Texjamm Sent you a pm
  9. Nah Man, Not after volume its for my midi wind controller, cheers anyway. Texjamm.... hows the sound on it? Any crackles etc? Looks what im after
  10. Texjamm Photo's Photo's8-)
  11. Have you a model number that I can google?
  12. As above ... cash waiting.
  13. I have just bought a Nikkon DSlR D40 and its awesome. The amount of specific tutorials on utube are amazing. Jessops are doing them for 229.00 . No video though!
  14. Im going to buy a Nikon d40dslr in the next week or so, and as I a tight wad I thought Id check to see if anyone had a prisitine one for sale first. Cash at the ready:up:
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