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  1. Some photos of the UTG event today A few photies from the gig down at Union Terrace Gardens this afternoon. Good turnout considering how baltic it was!
  2. Really enjoying the latest Cherbourg EP (I hope they have the 10" for sale tonight as I refuse to give Rough Trade yet more money for P&P!) thanks to rawrip. Definitely coming along and have persuaded a few work folk to join me. Should be cracking.
  3. Hey Jan. I need a bit more info to be able to help:- What Operating System are you using? Are you connecting through a router? Who is your Internet Service Provider?
  4. Cheers for your input so far guys. Are you using the M-Audio Fast Track Sam or are you just a fan in general? I was looking at getting an M-Audio keyboard at some point in the future...
  5. Ok, this might be too specific but if you have any similar experience I would appreciate your input. I have a Macbook (with USB and Firewire ports) with Garageband '08 and want to invest in a modest home recording setup. I'm currently just playing around using the built in mic! I was looking at the following USB interfaces: Tascam US-122L or US-144 E-mu 0202 or 0404 Edirol UA-25EX Does anyone have any experience with running these on a Mac just with Garageband? I've read plenty of reviews but they all seem pretty close. I'm really just noodling around with guitar and vocals but would probably like to get a MIDI controller in the future as well as a condenser mic (hence Phantom Power). Any thoughts or options that I have completely missed? It seems M-Audio stuff (the Fast Track USB I think?) is designed for Garageband but not sure how good the quality is?
  6. Will attempt to slip 'n' slide down the hill to this one. It sounds like it should make a very pleasant Sunday even.
  7. Lovely gig, thank you IMP people! The music was sublime and there was a great vibe about the whole thing. The Tom Waits cover was spine tingling and Roddy's voice had much more of a presence than I was expecting. It was a shame though that Boo didn't get to lead Harvest Gypsies which is one of my favourite Boo-solo songs. I got a few nice pics - the joys of sitting down Great stuff.
  8. Thank you IMP! I had tickets for McCusker et al at the Music Hall but missed it due to getting called offshore. I've just ordered my ticket for this one. Also looking forward to seeing Boo again. Great stuff.
  9. Excellent review Richie; you really captured the atmosphere of what sounds like a pretty unique gig. I sadly missed it due to being offshore but hopefully I can catch the Lemon Tree gig that Graeme mentions above.
  10. Fallout 3 is seriously epic. The first time you see the game world in all its desolate glory is a moment to behold - I almost found myself blinking in the sunshine. And yes, it is pretty tense. The first time I ventured into the wasteland at night I I was holding my breath in an attempt not to alert any nearby enemies! That's immersion.
  11. I'm with you on that plan of yours Andy. Something must be done - it was pretty bad when it was Moshulu but now that it is spreading to decent venues like the Tunnels... I think people need to be shown there are places where you can go, have a drink, chat with your mates, and not piss off people who are there to see someone who has a PA yet is struggling to compete against your collective loudmouthedness. It's called a pub.
  12. Midnight Organ Fight is definitely in the running for album of 2008. Incredible songs and their effortless ability to sound Scottish without descending into trite/twee metaphor is very much welcome. I challenge anyone to resist dancing around your flat/house/under-stairs-cupboard singing the chorus to Head Rolls Off. There is some stuff available on Daytrotter and you can try and import a copy of the live album which, for bizarre reasons, is out in America now, but doesn't appear here until next year. I saw them at Moshulu in September, will be seeing them at Death Cab this Friday and will be catching them again in December...just to be sure...
  13. Agreed. It was slightly confusing that Laura was miserable and Malcolm was pretty cheerful. I guess that is what Aberdeen can or can't do for you! See my photo of Laura for further proof: I enjoyed both sets but it vastly improved once the crowd thinned a bit before Malcolm. There definitely was no magical moment of hush for Laura; I was away near the fire exit about 7 rows back from the front and definitely heard plenty of bar chat as well as some from folks around the bottom of the stairs. Some more photos: Malcolm Middleton & Laura Marling - a set on Flickr
  14. Apologies for the double post, but coverage of The National's set at Glastonbury can currently be seen on the BBC website: BBC - Glastonbury 2008 - The National Well worth a watch.
  15. The Virginia EP is seriously good stuff. Check out the acoustic version of Slow Show. As far as I know the Black and White sessions were recorded on French radio and have never been officially released in any form other than electronic. Definitely worth tracking down though. I'd definitely contribute to any sort of "Get the National to play the Tunnels" endeavour.
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