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  1. North East Musical Instrument repair Woodwind and Brass Service and repair We also buy old, broken and unwanted Woodwind and Brass instruments. Any condition considered.
  2. Trombonist available here.
  3. I actually have alot of music written for this already that I got with a view to a similar project while I was with the Cats. Am happy to help out on that count if needed. Couldnt tie myself down to a full time project but happy to help out as and when.
  4. Great stuff. My mobile is 07792493158
  5. Only the 1X15 left, will take £100.
  6. 4X10 320W 8ohms 1X15 300W 8 ohms.
  7. Will get those for you tomorow night.
  8. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/hartke-3500-bass-amp-and-speakers/94521084
  9. Hartke 3500 in rackcase with Laney 4x10 and Laney 1x15. Big loud system. £450 for the lot. Or £300 for the cabs and £200 for the Hartke. Can be delivered in the Aberdeen area.
  10. Studiologic TMK 88. Full size keys. £75 ono.
  11. Gator Trombone case for sale. Black fabric covered with shoulder strap. £50 ono.
  12. Doesnt have a make on it, used it for some recording a few years ago and no longer have a use for it. Has detachable bell so case is only a bit bigger than a briefcase rather than the bulky ones you get. I have a couple of french horn books I will thow in aswell. Looking for £150 ono.
  13. Time for a cup of tea!

  14. If you still have this I might be interested. Whereabouts are you and could I try it out?
  15. Tuition in brass instruments available from qualified instructor. Get in touch here or email me at scottcoutts@hotmail.com. Also if you require trombone for a project get in touch.
  16. Gretsch Hi there, might be interested in the kit, what price you thinking?
  17. Band looking for drummer. I am part of a group doing origional indie, rock material and we are in need of a drummer.If you want more info contact me here or call 07792493158. Cheers, Scott.
  18. Bass Player I would be up for meeting up for a jam with you guys. I have been playing with various groups for years and moved back to the area recently. If you like I could send you an email of a couple of tracks I have played on. My email is scottcoutts@hotmail.com Look forward to hearing from you.
  19. RE Bass Player Hi guys, I am a bassist looking to get playing again after moving back to the area in january. Have played with a few indie rock bands over the years and would be up for getting togrther for a play. If you like I could email you examples of my playing? My email is scottcoutts@hotmail.com Cheers, Scott Coutts.
  20. Interested in playing bass, I havnt done alot of cover stuff but have been playing a long time and pick up songs quickly. What sort of material are you looking at giging? Cheers, Scott.
  21. Just checking if you are still looking for brass players? I am a trombone player looking to get back gigging as I have been in Leeds for the last few years. I use to play in Souled Asylum about four years ago and have done all sorts of other stuff. My mobile is 07792493158, and email is scottcoutts@hotmail.com. Cheers, Scott.
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