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  1. It's 30 meters! Prettyyyyy, prettttyyyyy, pretty long. Sorry Thornybank, I leave tomorrow!
  2. Guitar stand and microphone stands GONE
  3. Oh shit, sorry dude, I just checked and the only mic stand left I have actually is a little floor one! Sorry!
  4. Oh, and maybe sooner rather than later, I wanted to pop out to see my Grandma soon! haha
  5. Yeah sure man go for it! My address is 35 Norfolk Road, AB106JR.
  6. Sorry my private messaging is broken! I'm staying with my folks in Broomhill. What is it you're after?
  7. Actually no thanks, I decided to try out the cheap vintage Behringer actually, purely because I was so intrigued whether it was anything like the Small Stone. It's obviously not as good, but a pretty decent sound for the price - it'll do for now Thanks anyway YoungA!
  8. That's bizarre, I think somethings wrong with my account. I've had that trouble lots of times but I've cleared out so many messages! Beyond me. Anyway, you got one for sale? How much would you like for it? Otherwise, you could look at my 'clearout' thread and come take whatever you want for it
  9. MatthewKV


    OK, lot's of stuff to get rid of that I left in my folks house! XLR multi core (snake) - 16 channels (a couple are dodgy but the rest works fine, it's taken a beating over the years though mind) Laney 60 watt amp Power converter from car battery to mains (we used to use it in our tour van running off a spare battery for xbox and shit!) Flight case - was used for turntables but could maybe a sturdy pedal board case or whatever (used a lot, but works fine) Guitar floor stand Some random small hardcases for cables or whatever Some old microphone stands Ok, just make me offers dudes - it's going to be going cheap! But please if you can, come get them today! I leave tomorrow! Thanks, Matt
  10. I'd like to buy it from you! Thanks!
  11. Maybe a vintage small stone, mxr phase 90 or just small stone nano? Thanks! Matt
  12. Gypsum, did I clear enough? Did you try and message me?
  13. Ah ****, totally didn't notice that! Thanks dude.
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