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  1. Hi there, my current band looks like it may be a very long work in progress and I'm very keen to keep gigging and creating. Firstly I'm a really energetic and outgoing frontman and put 110% into performing, my feelings are even if the audience doesn't like your music they should still enjoy the show. I'm a decent vocalist, good at screaming and vocals like The Hives etc, I can hold a tune but I'm definately not a traditional singer. I have a wide range of influences so I'm willing to give almost anything a go. Based in Elgin but have no problem bussing it down.
  2. Hi there, Dan from CLEAVERS here, we just changed our name from You Dead! when we split with our drummer. We're based in Elgin but distance is not an issue for the right person. We play punk rock with hints of hardcore, garage, indie, pop, thrash and tons more a bit like Fucked Up with hints of Jay Reatard. We're looking to get back into gigging hard/tour regularly as soon as we find the right drummer. We're after someone tight, has good improv instincts, willing to experiment with genres, hopefully do some backups, will be dedicated, can pitch in some cash when needed and have a good sense of humour (if you know our art you'll know what I mean).
  3. Hi there, looking for a tight drummer to jump into a frequently gigging band. Just completed a UK tour and have another one coming up in January as well as some cool showcase slots and recording in the coming months. PM me
  4. Oh and we just put up a new track of hardcore goodness! WEDNESDAY - DRUMMONDS - FREE SHOW Coffee! | Elgin Rock City!
  5. ahahahaha! I think this spells bedtime!
  6. Garagey hardcore punk based in Moray. We're playing DRUMMONDS tonight (thurs 19th) and then the same place on wed 25th (free!) our demo is up for free download/stream, It's a bit of Black Flag meets Turbonegro meets The Bronx but we've got a ton more up our sleeves! www.youdead.co.uk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You Dead | Facebook
  7. buuuuuuump, still looking and have been incorporating a ton of different sounds too. We recorded a demo for download at YOU DEAD! @ ERC (for booking etc email elginrockcity@hotmail.com)
  8. we're after someone to play hard and lots! influences The Bronx, Black Flag, 7 Seconds + more my last band: www.urgentblood.com (this is more of the same, i wrote most of it!)
  9. wanna get moving with this asap. keen to get out of the house and start playing again, 2 weeks feels like a lifetime! teencancertrust@hotmail.com
  10. Influences: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Zeke, Agipunk stuff and some experimental stuff. Fast in parts, a bit groovy in others and some weird shit going on in others. Need a drummer and bassist to play lots with, really want to do shit with this band and not play the same old places once a month or whatever - ideally want to play twice a week at least. Teen Cancer Trust - 1 rough demo here we don't wanna be yer friends, we just want yer moneyz! - my previous project, I wrote most of it. teencancertrust@hotmail.com
  11. influenced by lots of stuff but preferably something loud and fast, I've just come back from Australia and just left a heavily gigging band. I'm a decent shouter/screamer and an ok singer, really keen to get something happening and play a shitload of shows! Not interested in bands that will stay in the rehearsal room for years, I want to be doing stuff....no time for fucking around. most recent band - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGENT BLUD
  12. Yo, I've been living in Melbourne the past two years but am coming back to live in Elgin for the next year or so and study. Looking to start/join a good punk hardcore band on vocals. I'm an energetic and good frontman, I currently sing for a band called Urgent Blood but are splitting up in a few weeks. influences: Black Flag, 7 Seconds, L'Amico Di Martucci, Los Crudos, Ramones, Dead Kennedys amongst a ton more. Want to play and record lots and run around like a dickhead. hear stuff at: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGENT BLUD new demos/ideas at myspace.com/duchampian email dgcrombie@hotmail.co.uk
  13. definately, some songs do sound the same but I think they get away with it! Weirdly enough they were playing 'Just got to be' in Topshop in union street today, weird!!
  14. I saw these guys in London last week, they were fucking AMAZING!! We were first row in a 300 capacity show, well worth the 500 odd mile trip!! I think Mojo will be doing a feauture on it next issue.
  15. There are too many angry bands, We are starting a fun band. We like The Descendents, The Ramones, Buddy Holly and Boom Boom Kid. Come join us, say no to bad sad music and help us help everyone have a good time. Drummer must be competent, fast and be up for very regular practise and gigging. rock n' roll.
  16. looking to do something like The Stooges/Black Flag - I love rock n' roll and punk rock and I am desperate to get into a band again. I'm up for hard practise and hard gigging.
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