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  1. this brings back the memories.
  2. Download SCUMMVM (do a google search) off the net if you want to play old "point & click" games .... i.e monkey island, beneath a steel sky, broken sword, simon the sorcerer.... once you have the SCUMMVM program its just a case of downloading the games themselves from a torrent web-site. dunno if this will help you out any, its just what i used to reminisce in monkey island.
  3. Anyone else looking forward to this/seen this? I've read the book but wasn't aware in the slightest a movie had been made until i realised it's out on DVD today!!
  4. i wasn't sure about so so modern at first.... but now i think they are great!! this will be an awsome gig!
  5. I like these songs. Especially for just being demos. i think there is a lot of potential in them... keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to hearing any new stuff!
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