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  1. I have moved my studio to Banchory. I you, or anyone you know, is looking for lessons place contact me to find out available times.
  2. I have moved my studio closer to Banchory! Having established a reputation since 2002 closer to Aboyne, I have made the move to Banchory. Quality lessons with a qualified tutor are now available. I don't think I am allowed to write addresses and phone numbers, so please PM me for more details.
  3. LOKi formed in 2006. Our Drummer is leaving for a theatre lighting gig, so we need a replacement. It is essential that you can temper your sound to sit behind the vocalist; it's not that he is quiet, but we have played gigs where the audience have said that they can only hear the drummer! We play pubs and functions so you are going to need to travel. The youngest member of the band is 23 and the oldest is 47: so you should be aged between those. At our current fees, you can expect to be paid 75 per gig. Either contact my profile or copy this: Welcome to Facebook | Facebook to your address bar. Thanks Robin
  4. spatzcat

    Music tuition

    Just For Fun Music has moved premises. The new address is: Green Park Court Glassel Banchory AB31 4DB Email: justforfunmusic@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 07919 576 995
  5. If anyone has any kayaking equipment for sale I'd appreciate knowing.
  6. I've wanted to play Double Bass since I was eight, I've just never had the money at the right time. If you are selling, or know of any one who is, please pm me. The bass will go to a loving home.
  7. I've been looking for a double bass. If you have any leads please pm me.
  8. I'm thinking of starting a tribute act to the Grunge scene. If you dig it pm me.
  9. Just For Fun Music was established in 1993: providing music coaching in all instruments. Every once in a while it needs to remind you that it exists - new people in the community not knowing where to get quality tuition being the main reason. The website - Home - Just For Fun Music has all the details on it, but phone (013398) 84133 to speak to someone in person.
  10. We would like to announce that LoKi will be throwing a party on the 12th April at the Douglas Arms, High Street, Banchory. There is always an excuse to have a party, but we actually have a few reasons as to why were doing this .. namely Its LoKis birthday the band have officially been together for 2 years ! Its Brodies birthday hell be 22 on the 12th Our friends from New York, Pat & Robyn will be coming to Banchory & we really need to show them some good Scottish hospitality! The venue is booked, the cake is ordered & the music is taken care of we just need you to turn up. Therefore we would like to extend an invitation to the Landlords & Landladies who have booked us over the past 2 years & anyone who has had the misfortune of seeing Brodie taking his shirt off during our Gigs. Hey you never know we may even buy you a drink. Happy Birthday to us & bring on the Party !
  11. ust For Fun Music is a teaching studio based in Royal Deeside. Situated in Kincardine O'Neil the studio holds catchment for Banchory and Aboyne academy. The is a warm and comfortable waiting area where parents, dropping off students, can be while their child is being taught. Although the teaching is of high quality the emphasis is very much on play. The motto of the studio is "We play music". No matter which instrument, or style, you would like to learn we can teach you how to do it. Justforfunmusic.com has further details.
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