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  1. Drummonds next friday support from 'Escape To Victory' It's gonnae be gid. Cheers, Jamie E2V -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MySpace.com - Escape To Victory - Aberdeen, UK - Punk / Hardcore / Alternative - www.myspace.com/escapetovictoryuk
  2. the only thing that annoys me is how they repeat pretty much the hole of the last episode in the next one, so you only end up gettin 10mins of new material
  3. I am a bassist looking to play in a band, used to play in aberdeen, mostly punk stuff influences include Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Dwarves, early RHCP, Primus. Punk is my greatest passion but i like to get a bit funky sometimes, realy just looking for anything with energy that i can pour myself into
  4. sounds interesting, used to play bass in a band in aberdeen was mostly punk/pop punk stuff, i totaly need to play again so tell me more
  5. im a bassist looking to start a band or join one, looking to bring (pop) punk back to the no shit days of early epitaph bands such as pennywise and bad religion. Three chords and the truth is what is needed. Dont have any material just wanna jam it out and see what happens. anyone interested?
  6. Alright i play bass and have played round aberdeen before, although i guess you would say it was pop punkish just with out the fucking scene and image, but i well wanna get playing with a band again. im not into image or anything just wanna play in a no bullshit band and have some fun
  7. I think that it would be an ace idea, if you can find bands that you can trust and not just people who are like 'Aye al dae at min' then just screw the place over. So probably it would work if there was a collective of bands who all kind of new each other/had respect for each other. On another vein I don't understand why people are talking about shore-porters like its not being run anymore. My flat shares a dividing wall with the shore-porters practise room and there are most definately bands playing there. Either that or people like to hang out with guitars/drumkits in abandoned storage facilities these days. I dunno maybe Aberdeen is that boring?! cheers, Jamie E2V
  8. who is this guy? does he exist or is he just an electronic incarnation of everything i hate about mankind?
  9. Looking for a drummer to play in a tech punk band, influences: mute, pmx, slick shoes, nofx etc. We already have two guitars, bass and about 10 songs written just need a drummer to get us rolling. We used to have a band before and played round aberdeen and perth check it out at www.myspace.com/25thisnotanoptionrock hopefully something similar but a bit more tech. reply to here as noone checks the myspace any more. sweet Stuart
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