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  1. It's actually safer ditching in a helicopter. The pilots use autorotation to make a controlled landing. This is where they turn into the wind and tilt the blades and use the wind to make the landing. It's very effective. At the end of the day there's been shit loads of helicopter ditchings where everyone survived. Very few with airplanes though. As for the RGIT course. You realise these guys turn up for these courses stinking of drink, pay no attention at all and complain cos they have to do the course every 4 years. Which is nowhere near enough if you ask me. I'm an offshore survival instructor myself and I have to say sometimes it's like talking to a brick wall. The reason they all made it into the raft was probably down to the pilots.
  2. I myself am a PADI Divemaster and can also teach underwater photography. If you like I'll do your course cheaper than any dive centre. Also if you decide to do your rescue course give me a shout and I'll do your first aid for you before you star again at a cut price. Hope I've been some help. If you've any questions about diving gimme a shout I've been in the industry for years and would have no problems giving some advice (don't believe everything you're told by dive centre staff, remember there salesman at the end of the day).
  3. My mate Claire plays cello. She plays with Miyagi and Black Diamond Express. I'll send her an e-mail and see if she's interested if you like. You can check out her work on both those bands Myspace pages.
  4. Woke up on my mates couch with a serious come down then spent an hour laughing at him cos he had to run the baker hughes. Went home drank beer and watched the usual Sunday morning shite on the telly. Back round to my mates to see if he was still alive. He was but had sore kidneys. Drank more beer,laughed at my mate and watched Britains Got Talent. Went home made and made dinner,drank more beer watched Walk The Line and fell asleep on the couch. Typical Sunday really.
  5. Awright pal! I've got a bass lying about I could let ye have for 100. Plays well enough, it's a Fender and it's red. That's about all I can remember at the moment. If you're interested pm me and you can come round and check it out for yourself.
  6. daviedingdong


    What does a rangers fan do when his team wins the UEFA cup? Turns of his playstation and gets back into bed with his sister!
  7. I've got a room available if anybody's interested. The flat's spacious, modern and only a 5 min walk from Union St. I'm looking for someone sociable, reasonably tidy, easy to get on with and aged 20 to 30. The rent is 375 pcm + 1 month deposit + bills/council tax. If anybody's interested pm me and you can come and view it.
  8. I have had this before. I had a cold and got on a flight and couldn't get my ears to sort themselves out for a week. I now work as a diver and have had problems with my ears now and again over the years and my advice would be loads of sudafed. Don't go pouring anything in your ears you'll only make it worse and don't try holding your nose and popping your ears cos you'll probably end up damaging your eardrum.
  9. I met Ozzy Osborne at Bankok airport a few years back. I just stood their with my mouth wide open and said "You're Ozzy Osborne!" to which he replied "Yeah, I know!" and then wandered off. I felt like such a dick. If I wasn't so star struck I would have got him to sign my passport or something.
  10. I'm a proffesional diver. Just spent the last 8 months in Thailand but soon to be back in Aberdeen working for RGIT Montrose as a safety diver for all you North Sea tigers doing your survival courses ( Is everyone in Aberdeen working for the oil & gas industry?) and yes I do have my dream job!
  11. Everything is gone but the Ibanez,practice amp and violin. I'm leaving this weekend so I need to get rid of this stuff so I'm slashing prices. Ibanez Bass-60 Practice Amp-20
  12. I'll dig out my camera and see if I can get a pic up some time today.
  13. X-Box,2 controllers,DVD control and 10 games-70 o.n.o. If you're interested pm me and I'll send you a list of the games. Small Sony HI-FI-30 Sanyo 10 Inch screen TV-30
  14. The delay and the wah are gone. The fretless might be gone this afternoon. Everything else is still up for grabs. I've also got a marshall amp up for sale check out my other post.
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