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  1. Hey, anyone looking to play psyh/garage/surf rock in Aberdeen? Influences: old school stuff like Pink Floyd, Hysterians, The Sonics, Them, The Yardbirds and current stuff like Allah-las, BJM, Spyrals, Night Beats, Black Lips, Thee oh sees. If so, drop me a note. ta!
  2. Hi! Learner drummer looking for guitarists and bassist to jam with. Like garage rock / psychedelic rock. Happy to play covers and develop our own stuff if we get that good. I'm a girl, and so are the drummers (at one point or another) in Ty Segall band, BRMC, The Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo, who are all bands I like. I like a lot more bands than that though. If you're interested, please give me a pm. Cheers.
  3. nah, dont think it was me, didnt really demonstrate my like for them very much. it was my first gig of the year, so may be I was just a little over excited and that distorted my view on the band!?
  4. I wonder what he will think of aberdeen compared to the other places on his tour - manchester, london, edinburgh....how did we get so lucky?
  5. waiting for psychadelic horseshit sic alps meth teeth eat skull Tyvek Wavves Mig & Min Ven to arrive in the post, woooooo!
  6. Not sure if you are still lookin for more ideas, but David Axlerod is pretty good. Its not exactly ambient as in electronic and that, but its atmospheric and pretty amazing. The album I had in mind was his self titled one but he has plenty of stuff to explore. Faultline are worth checking out too, the album I have has wayne coyne and chris martin guest singing. This is definatley ambient in the classical definition. Fridge were good, Four tet are alright....these might have been mentioned. Labradford are really good but they have definatley been mentioned already.
  7. uh, I feel like I have so much to learn! Yeah, sound quality definatley changes in the tilted wig, and the jump the queue ability meant that my friends and I started a music war with the other crowd who were into their metal one night. I do recall sitting in king tuts totally lovin the stuff that was on. I learned the first time dont bother wasting your pennies cause its clogged up with money and tunes picked by staff and regulars but it was all good so no worries. I havent been there in a long time come to think of it - I think thats a sign of age (as in loosing touch/excitement with the upcoming bands scene), most bands I see today are in the barras or carling academy. The only album Ive gone out and bought after hearing it on a jukie was Mile Davis big fun and that was in NYC, on orchard street somewhere. As for old v new, well, I dont mind poor sound if the songs are good. Nostaligia is good in the right place, but so is the here and now. And I tihnk that unsigned stuff should be played by a dj cause there is so much good music out there that if you have a bunch of people picking it, the music is going to be all over the shop in one night and that can be exhausting and take away from the atmosphere, but a dj is more likely to keep to a certian sound or feel and build on atmosphere so you will benefit more from hearing the new stuff. Its been good getting everyones insights to jukies though, Ive learned stuff!
  8. i think I have discoverd the best jukebox in aberdeen.....in the Tilted Wig. Its got 2 million songs on it, we tried to outsmart it with requests for obscure stuff, but it couldnt be beat. It also has the ability to jump the queue and let you play your track as the next song rather than after all the other orders have gone through so if there are folk there trying to play music untoward your taste, you can cut in on it! the booze is decently priced too, so a nice little find indeed.
  9. goldengates


    Funny you say that about sandi thom, I was thinking about it the other day when I was reading that the Black Lips call themselves flower punk, cause she has that line....not even going to write it or it will stick in my head. Still cant believe they are coming up to the deen. Ive taken the tues/wed off work cause the EMBBD are playin the night before - thats going to be some couple of days!
  10. Missed them at connect but they were on radio 1 last night live from bestival and sounded alright. Cheesr for the heeds up, might go along to it.
  11. goldengates


    thouht it was a decent festival, but not my fav of the year. Best bands for me were Mogwai and Super Furry Animals. Wish Mogwai could have been louder. Primal Scream were so disapointing, I miss Kevin Shields. I liked hearing Idlewild sound check too, it reminded me how much I used to love them. I skipped the last day and went into Glasgow to catch the black lips at optimo - not an ounce of regret in me, they were awsome! They are coming to the Lemon Tree in Nov and I recommend it. They have stuff on You tube if you want to check them out first. They call themselves flower punk "too punk to be hippy and too hippy to be punk". I would go back to connect next year again, if they could pull off another line-up in the similar vein. They should get an ATP stage on like they did at Primavera, that would work. Over and out.
  12. Ooooh, you lot are in for a treat, saw these album gigs at Primavera and both were superb! Would have gone for slint again but cant get days off - why did they move it from the barras to abc? Is it true the barras are closing? Sad news, I hope I heard wrong.
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