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  1. sennheiser E 840 S. one of these: Sennheiser E 840 S Cardioid Dynamic Microphone/Excellent Presence for Loud Stage Levels with Noiseless and Lockable On/Off Switch: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments used it for recording a bit, but I don't do it justice. looking for 60
  2. out there who think hurricane by bob dylan sounds cool because of the violin and would like to try something similar
  3. hi, I've just moved to aberdeen and I'm looking to start a new band. I've got loads of songs ready to play. would help if you're under 20 and interested in bob dylan, neil young, oasis, u2, the beatles, and stuff like that. I play guitar. won't be dissapointing.
  4. link expired so here's another one... it's just one I recorded now because the other ones are in another computer... so it's just me singing... sorry if it doesn't sound too good. YouSendIt - File Sharing Transfer Delivery - PC FTP Replacement neil youg and bob dylan are also big influences. I need a singer quick!
  5. how old are you? do you like oasis and the beatles?
  6. ah yes, it would help if you're into oasis and the beatles, mainly
  7. I'm looking for someone who can sing this is a song I recorded with my previous band (far, far away) I'm scottish, though, and moving to aberdeen in a couple of weeks let me know if you like the song (and if you can sing) I've got some others we recorded if you're interested YouSendIt - File Sharing Transfer Delivery - PC FTP Replacement
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