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  1. Quiet first night possibly down to my commitments at work last week and not being able to get the word out as much as id have liked,music was spot on i thought and a big thanks to all who came along, ive more time this week to push it so should be alot busier next friday,hope t see you all there again:popcorn:

  2. so can i get some clarification? is this going to be bondage but in a different venue? is this metal/hard rock/punk exclusively or is there going to be guitar pop, indie, dancable stuff?

    Ive asked james the DJ to send a play list for you to look at,thanks for your interest

  3. if Air Guitar is anything to go by it'll be WANK. Might check it out anyway though... Any alternative to Moshulu is welcome in my eyes.

    wont be anything like air guitar although im sure some older rock will be played but the plan is to play a broad spectrum of alternative music, we arnt out to educate people by playing music that hasnt been heard yet,we plan to keep it simple and play the songs people reconise. Air guitar is a classic rock night playing mostly 80s rock and we have no plans to copy that:popcorn:

  4. Mudd Club continues to run on a Monday night @ LIVE and come the 3rd of August we will be launching a FRIDAY night Mudd Club also.

    The night will run from 1030pm till 3am and will cost 4 admission.

    Keep an eye out for the flyers and posters which will be hitting the shops and streets soon.

    We also are planning a holiday weekend special for the September weekend on Sunday the 23rd so again keep an eye out for more information in the near future.

    Thanks to everyone who has been turning up on Mondays and hope to see you there on Fridays to:popcorn:

  5. Mudd Club @ LIVE, Crown St Aberdeen


    3 entry 2 with flyer or NUS card B4 midnight

    DJ Adam Marnoch playing a selection of Alrenative/Rock/Punk/blah blah blah

    1.50 selected drinks or double up on selected spirits for an extra quid

  6. isnt that normally the case Jim ha ha,great night last week,music was spot on and the people who turned up made it all fall into place,same again on the 28th,ive heard nothing but good things about our wee night so long may it continue:popcorn:

  7. Mudd club

    10.30pm till 2.00 am

    DJ Adam Marnoch playing Alternative/Rock/Punk/blah blah blah

    3 entry 2 with flyer or NUS card b4 Midnight

    1.50 selected drinks or double up on selected premium spirits for a quid

    Live(next to the Office) Bar Crown Street

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