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  1. Thats cause we're all standing around trying to look serious or moody, its hard work y'know.
  2. Its has to be Bison really, for the great riffs and the ability to spell.
  3. Why arent bonesaw on here? Considering certain bands do like one show every 6 months and havent just released an amazing album...
  4. "Get cancer and die", haha. Could have been worse, could have wanted you to suffer for a bit, selling tickets to the subtitled show, providing salted popcorn and hotdogs, then die.
  5. Ahahaha, The recordings sound fuckin ace man. "ohhh arrrghhh!" at 0:07 . haha love it:up:
  6. Sounds really good guys, the recording quality is just great.
  7. Aye, it was lookin a bit bright last time i was in. Look forward to seeing it totally done up though.
  8. Such a handy tool is guitar pro. I forget things a lot so using a program to save them is a godsend. means i can also hear what piano or string sections will sound like. but it never has the same "Human" feel to it. Experementation is how i write songs. try this, try that. Just whatever sounds right.
  9. Nah...he's cack in a sack.
  10. Nice site...very pretty
  11. Well put. Also, even when just watching tv i used to just strum on the guitar real fast(Or slow,whatever)...even just one note. you would be amazed how fast your speed and accuracy improves. learnt it in a scott ian practice thing, helped me lots.
  12. Kharn

    Halo 3

    Just used as an example...it was better than halo 2. (Yes, im a halo naysayer) I havent played the 3rd one but the other two were very very over-rated.
  13. Kharn

    Halo 3

    You mean like what pariah did two years ago...halo sucks. thats harsh actually...but true...very over-rated.
  14. even if it was quite new it would probably be close to breaking. PS1 - fantastic machine...very reliable...years of joy!!! Ps2 - piece of shit that never worked properly...everyone i knew (Barre one) that had one, had it break just after the warrenty ran out. pieces of crap!!! Ps3 - probably the same except it costs more Conclusion...get a 360 instead...thier awesome!
  15. Crowbars version of dreamweaver. the tune in waynes world, everytime he see's kasandra. Brilliant!
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