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  1. Yeah thanks for that. I really hope it isn't our last but we'll have to see what happens when I return from America and Philip sorts out where he is going to do his PHD. Last night was a lot of fun and was great to see familiar faces. Although it was unbearably hot on stage last night, I'm pretty sure Drummonds get their lamps from the same place Tropical hot-houses do.
  2. No, wait we successfully created a face...group effort.
  3. Uh oh facebook is turning into anarchy. No one can complete any pieces cos people keep deleting stuff. This may die as quickly as it took off, people can never play nice.
  4. It's not big and its not clever (but I am proud of myself): Katy Perry's Past Battle With Her Boobs - Sky Living HD
  5. See that Dunc, today you made a difference. Previously people may have mistaken that for some other band with curious spelling techniques. But no, now the world is set right. On piece at a time Dunc.
  6. Hey dude. Cheers for the reply. Sounds like you fit the criteria. I think one of the other guys should be pm'ing you, if not let me know and I will organise the shizzle. Just one thing...do you like football? Because that is an essential requirement in order for the band to function
  7. booooooo hisssssssss *throws rotten vegatables in direction of thread-maker. etc... Good on you Euan for highlighting that in actual fact unless you make yourself worthy to be written about (i.e joe blogs (representing a portion of the readership outside of spoken about region) picks up the fly and thinks "ahh *insert band name* are good I wonder what they've been up to...reads on)...then unless you "put the effort in" and contact journalists/promoters/anyone you think might care...then you ain't getting no-where mate. Playing Tunnels to 20 people every 2nd friday is not going to get you noticed, no matter how good your mum/girlfriend says you are. So yeah instead of being "Mr I win on the internet...rofl" just suibmit demo's/invite to gigs etc or otherwise NO EXPOSURE FOR YOU. It really is that simple. I think what euan is proposing is s good thing. If I wasn't so cynical about the future of the written press I would be doing the same thing. Oh and see you in september Euan.
  8. I'm going into 2nd year Journalism at RGU and was hoping to start up a show alongside two of the guys on my course. We were hoping to have a kind of 'new music' show featuring punk, rock, metal, dance (Dnb and dubstep etc) as well as featuring interviews with touring bands playing locally. you can contact me on 0916577@rgu.ac.uk cheers. Jamie
  9. So we go from "tickets to be announced" to "this event is sold out"...where's the middle bit where tickets are announced etc.? maybe there's an underground network of mudhoney fans who get sent secret details of where/when to buy tickets...or maybe Ticketweb is lying...who knows. Its a mystery.
  10. Funny thing is I saw them at Warped in Vancouver in 2005 on a little side stage and thought 'singer is hot, but band not as good as most of the other bands here'. Maybe they're a lot bigger than assumed but is the AECC not a bit excessive.
  11. I shall be attending this gathering. I have a News Writing exam for my Journalism course tomorrow, part of which I have to write an art review. This should do quite nicely. I have to admit, with embarrassment, that I have never listened to/witnessed any of the acts, I needed a show that was going to be fresh in my memory and this looked ideal, I have managed to check the various artists music out today. I have never been into folk/anti-folk/psychedelic-folk or the ilk, so hopefully this genre will win a new fan tonight. Thomas Truax looks like a visual/oral treat so that should be really good inspiration for my piece. I shall be writing the piece in a 'colour' style and so observation of my surroundings is necessary. So if you see a chap who looks slightly out of place scanning the room, its not some awkward nosey-parker, its probably me.
  12. shaki said: I was late for work this morning. I laughed out loud a couple of times. My girlfriend asked me what I was doing and why I'd been so distant over the past couple of deys. I tried to explain it all. She didn't get it. Is your love of Shutterspeed affecting your employment and your personal relationships? There should really be some sort of helpline. Call 0800 DOBERMAN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- same thing happened to me. Although when I explained what this was not only dey'd she not get it, she managed to convince me that I am a total cunt for even reading it let alone getting dey'nvolved. How do these she dey'vils manged to get inside your heads and twist your thoughts?! I now hate myself. Also my lecturer mentioned shutterspeed more than once today. If your lecturer is Andrew Jones as well then I know you in real life! time to self-dey'struct!
  13. Dude, that artwork is so good its almost shutterspeed!
  14. Have you seen the form that Messi is in?!?! He's so good he's almost shutterspeed!
  15. really? But are you so good you're 'almost shutterspeed'?
  16. Wow...just wow. guys here you go: I was going to comment earlier but just couldn't get to the end of the thread in time. Like when you try and jump into a conversation between your missus and her 'girlfriends' about some drama or other suchness. I would like everyone to take a little bit of their time and dedicate it to getting this band, who are surely the future of 'Grunge' (although i think that for sheer mind-blowing quality they really deserve a new genre of their own), out there and into the big time... zane.lowe@bbc.co.uk Also I propose a suggestion. From now on if you hear something you like feel free to use the expression 'That is so good its almost Shutterspeed!' Shutterspeed shall be our 'Gonzo'.
  17. Ok before this turns into one of those inflamatory threads in which I'm made to look like a whiny biatch I just want to gauge people's opinion on this topic. Recently I have been really unimpressed with the unprofessionalism at Drummonds gigs. And I'm not pointing the finger at one person in particular I think it's a combination of things. Firstly, The sound is dreadful. Every time we are asked to play Drummonds we are told 'turn up at 7 for soundchecks' invariably I get there and am met with looks of confusion. The sound man turns up and is none the wiser as to who is playing or what order etc. Callum has actually been really good to us so I hope this doesn't sound like I'm having a go. I feel though that he is sometimes thrown into the deep end. The last couple of times we have played, and this is the same for the other bands, people say to me 'you guys were really good but the sound was really muddy. Couldn't make out the instruments from each other and the vocals were almost non existant'. Now don't get me wrong. I love playing gigs and am not looking to alienate myself. However, when we have bands coming maybe for the first time to Aberdeen are they really going to be impressed with this enough to want to travel the extra miles it takes to come to Aberdeen? Now I've heard that the equipment isn't the best to work with etc. but surely if a place like Drummonds is advertising itself as a venue it must have sufficient resources to be able to compete with other rival venues. Unless its just a pub that plays music, in which case why put on touring bands? Also there is an issue with security of equipment. I've heard bands being told 'If you want to leave equipment then you can leave it onstage but we won't take responsibility for it'. Now obviously this has something to do with insurance etc. But if there is a lockable room downstairs then why is the stage being offered and not this. Surely this lends itself to covering against loss or theft better than an open stage area? Another gripe I have is the problem with the local drunks. Now I understand Drummonds is positioned at the front of a rather busy pub street and therefor your going to have a couple people rather worse for ware wander in. However, increasingly I find some drunk offshore type stumbling about Drummonds making people feel generally uneasy. If this was Espionage or Priory they would be chucked out on their arse. Why do the doorstaff at Drummonds then put up with it? maybe its because they're up at the door and can't see it. But then surely its the role of the barstaff to point out these people to the bouncer. unless they don't want the hassle, but for the sake of making the environment a little bit more enjoyable I think it's necessary. The final straw was at the last gig I attended when some burberry clad mink thought it would be ok to wander onto the stage and attempt to grab the mic from the touring band. What an embarassment, and the guy wasn't even asked to leave, just ushered back to the bar. If that was warehouse they would be out!! So why not Drummonds? My feeling is that Drummonds have taken for granted the fact that they can use bands to draw people into the bar. And instead of, like other venues, providing a venue for bands that people attend to see its run as a place for people to drink and the fact that bands come and play is a bonus. So what are other bands thoughts on this issue? Hopefully I'm not the only person who feels a little let down.
  18. I'd check with Grader cause they messaged us today to pull out of a gig at Tunnels on Tuesday cause their bassist John is leaving or something. What's with Bassists leaving bands? Maybe some bass super group is secretly forming somewhere!
  19. Nice attempts at trying to be this guy: But cat fights are a lot more interesting than discussing the merits of the presented music...surely?!? So therefore... Roscoe You're right they're all dicks. Everyone in Aberdeen that isn't in your band is a Dick and I personally would be glad if you took them to task about that fact! ... Everyone else who thinks that Heller State suck balls, i was only being devils advocate, you're all right they do really love the chode. They're music is pointless and dated and if you don't force them to move to So-Cal (where they clearly want to be) then you can no longer safely call yourselves men...
  20. Also if you ever get the chance to book 'The No Name' dooo eeet. I love asian punk!
  21. oh oh oh Is that Assert Bill full? We haven't played Moorings in ages...hint.
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