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  1. Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terror Dome OR God Dethroned - Gods Of Terror
  2. I Agree. There is something comforting about knowing what your going to get from a band. Not that they can't supprise you, Like the Chillie Peppers for instance.
  3. Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  4. Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain
  5. That should be a good show!! Coachella is a fun weekend. I went a few times when I was still living in California. I mean come on, Rage and Willie Nelson all in the same day!!! I may make the trip my self
  6. Forgive me for this; Me So Horney - Two Live Crew
  7. I agree, you could put Creeping Death and Damage Inc in there too.
  8. Howdy all! It was a long, hard 3 weeks offshore, but I'm back. Hope you all had a great January, and a good 2007 to come. Peace
  9. Thanks. My kit is still in America, buying one here at the end of Jan hopefully.
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