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  1. Goodmans 5.1 surround sound speakers with remote minus cables 20 IT Works 2.1 computer speakers 10 still selling: Ovation Celebrity Westfield Bass Beta Aivin Digital Delay pedal Stagg Bass Practice Amp
  2. its the p-bass one and pretty good nick. if you want to make an offer we'll see how it works out, really i'm just getting rid of it so up to you. this is it, b1000: Westfield Guitars B1000 Bass, P Bass Style, Deep, fat and deadly, the B1000 gets the job done, no matter what the requirement. Always loads of bottom end available, which is what bass is all about after all.
  3. 1 ticket up for grabs if any yous interested?
  4. Ovation Celebrity Acoustic (slight crack on headstock) Beta Aivin Digital Delay (i'll give you it pretty cheap) Stagg Bass Amp (just a wee practice amp) also Westfield Bass (ancient thing) These'll all go pretty cheap, any decent offers!
  5. Yo! I've got an old Ovation Celebrity going if you want it. Wee crack on the headstock but you could negotiate a price if you like.
  6. got one ticket for low this coming thursday, can't make it myself so if anybody's interested! also megabus ticket reference i'll chuck in for free
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