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  1. Hi I'm interested in starting a folk band of celtic (scottish and irish) music. I play guitar and sing.influences: Pogues, corries, wolfe tones, vatersay boys, goats don't shave.Burns. bit of fun hopefully a few gigs maybe. The reason behind this is that Scottish music is very much ignored at the moment. Have a bit of pride in what the country has to offer musically you would be surprised. Any musicians welcome particularly those playing traditional instruments.. and ofcourse those ilusive drummers
  2. We're all 20 btw and influences are very mixed as we all seem to like different stuff
  3. rock band Hey I'm in the band (or what will Become the band) We're kind of non-comital on the style at this stage but the covers we've played are by the chilis thin lizzy and the cure. We're initially going to play a few covers at the first practices to get to grips with the band and give us some time to get a few tracks written. Start playing on material soon.
  4. Well done Paul the exclamation mark more than makes up for the lack of detail!
  5. Group of mates looking to start a band mixed influences, everyone in the band likes different stuff so not going to commit to one style or genre at the moment so pretty much open to anything, Just want to get together regularly write a few songs play a few gigs see how we go. All pretty good at our instruments I play guitar and sing. we need a drummer although would be cool to get some other instruments on board (other than guitar and bass) If there are any singers out there don't mind sharing vocal duty. Should probably mention we're all 20.
  6. Hey im looking to start/join a rock band to play pop songs influences cribs 1990s, rolling stones, the police, the cure, franz ferdinand early ac/dc. just writing songs that every one can enjoy and listen to really nothing contrived. I play guitar and sing. Played guitar for years am pretty good my singing is also of a fairly decent quality. I also write songs. have bassist already just really want to get gigging. need drums other guitar and any other instrumentalists looking for a band I'm 19 btw but dont really give about ages and the like.
  7. I'm looking to get playing regularly, been in a few bands rock indie and metal though not that keen on screaming tho have tried my hand. influences: the cure, enter shikari, Bon Scott, the hives, the jesus and mary chain, the cribs. i enjoy writing, up for most things
  8. shite good point were both 19 and lookn for folk from 16 to 22
  9. I'd really reccomend twenty one by the mystery jets I bought it about a month ago and cant stop listening to it
  10. jesus and mary chain seems like a good list to me like but Honey by the Jesus and Mary chain has got to be there im afraid. nice to see the 1990s so ridiculously under rated
  11. couldnt help but notice you play drums if your looking for a band im trying to get one started and have written matterial along with the bassist. mainly indie stuff with some heavier rock roots. give me a shout if you are at all tempted (ukulele... awesome)
  12. To join singer/guitarist and bassist in new band with writen material. Influences include the Cribs, The Cure, The Hives,The mystery Jets, Biffy Clyro, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand, AC/DC. keen 2 get gigging and writing new material asap. ruari-mcalister@hotmail.com
  13. hi me and my m8 are trying to set up an indie band heavilly influenced by 80s music particularly goth (cure, jesus and mary chain style stuff) but also modern stuff such as mystery jets cribs hives subways and many more. we would like to get either a conventional drummer or an electric drummer. a synth player would also be cool even if its laptop based. We have 6 good songs writen and are still working.
  14. thanks i will ha ha
  15. R.Mcalister

    New band

    Hey guys im getting a new band set up and have got some really promising material my influences are all over the place but this is a strictly indie and rock affairi believe. im looking to get a drummer on board and possibly another guitarist im a vocalist and guitarist and i have a bassist. I really want to get gigging asap. looking first and foremost for folks around 16-22 but not too worried. girls or boys. as long as we can get started asap. im looking to see how far we can get and have some laughs along the way U21rm7@abdn.ac.uk
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