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  1. hey guys im baffled by the whole true bypass in pedals. what kind of sound difference is there and all that please indulge my stupidity lol
  2. That is a sweet guitar man best o luck gettin it sold
  3. Hey man pm'd telecaster Sam for ya
  4. You should give telecaster sam a shout on here he's a big quo fan
  5. Probs will mate the way things go in here lol
  6. This is just a feeler to see if there is any interest it's a freshman FA1D12 dreadnought style 12 string barley used the guitar is about 6 month old and has had a new set of strings put on about a month ago plays well just not what I want having a bit of buyers regret lol Bought for £190. Lookin for about £100 Here's a link to the freshman site for the specs http://www.freshmanguitars.co.uk/twelvestring.html
  7. Yeah they do have a better sound with the 18v mod like don't think people like ibanez at the mo mate
  8. Sure is a very rare strat if it's 128 years old lol nice guitar for a strat had I have been a strat man instead of a tele man is probably go for it
  9. Position filled mods can you close this thread
  10. I will mull it over man and get back to you
  11. That dime looks the bizzness pitty I've gone off floyds
  12. Yup never like those silly giger ibanez's they look poop lol
  13. Hahaha Tempting but I'm happy with my JCM 800 good luck selling it though mate
  14. Ahhh had that before like someone tried to use my JCM when I was giggin was damn near ginna twat him lol
  15. And his legacy will live on when ever a guitarist uses his amps
  16. i recomend goin to r n b and ask james he'll keep you right
  17. yeah neil is the guy you wanna see he is an awesome guitar tech
  18. I have a JCM 800 combo wouldn't part with it it sounds sweet and even better now if tweaked my tele :-)
  19. Think your gonna get buyers regret every time someone's selling and awesome vintage amp lol
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