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    New Band

    I'm starting a new band in the new year and I need musicians to fill the gaps! I have a name in mind already as it's all part of my 'vision' I'm pushing 20yrs old n I play rhythm guitar (3 or 4 yrs) n vocals n I'm also a song writer. Check out www.myspace.com/scottraemusic to hear some of the backing riffs to a few of the songs (no vocals posted yet) I've written a few songs and require a lead guitarist to put the icing on the cakes, a drummer to beat the shit out of em, n a bassist to weld all the peaces together. Would be looking to gig eventually but I myself have no gig experience so I don't care if you guys do or not. Just want to play music with liek minded individuals. I have alot of influences, from heavy to soft but I love guitar, I love music, n i love writing songs. So get in touch if you're interested. Even just for a chat about it. Must be willing to down tune!! Cheers
  2. I'm in a band that's just getting started (no name as of yet) but we intend on gigging once we get sorted out and complete the band. There's 3 of us (rhythm guitar/vocals, lead guitar, drums) but we need a bassist! Prefferably around the same age as us (about 20 ish) We play a mixture of our own stuff and the odd cover (usually Metallica) We play hard rock/metal and need a bassist with around 3 years experience (same as the rest of the band) to fill the spot. We think having a similar level of experience helps cos we can bounce of each other and learn more etc Needs to be available on Monday nights as this is when we meet for practice each week. We're not just going to audition heaps of people just to find the best bass player in the city. If we don't get on then you don't get in. Which i think is fair as we want a band and not just people who play music together. If anyones interested email me at scottraemusic@hotmail.co.uk n we can sort something out.
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