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  1. Not blown away by the Download line-up so far. High Voltage is looking a million times better! Only problem there is that there's no camping. Not a proper festival when you're not sleeping in filth. Actually, scratch that. High Voltage looks far too awesome. I'll sleep in a ditch somewhere to make up for it!
  2. You're unlikely to find a better description of Axl than that! Except you forgot to mention that he's gotten fat. Proper fat. It's all gone wrong for him.
  3. Yeah I really hate Axl the most. Although really not a fan of Slash either. I could do without him.
  4. No doubt most people will disagree with me but fuck it... Guns n Roses. I fuckin hate Guns n Roses!! I just don't understand the big deal. Generic pop rock pish. And that's the original line-up! Don't get me started on the new breed of drivel. Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor is a miserable cunt and the music is dull. Not a great combination. Panic At The Disco, YouMeAtSix, My Chemical Romance, Head Automatica...do I really need to go on?
  5. I actually forgot about Korova on a Saturday. But I'm not a fan. Would be better if it were on the bottom floor. But I suppose they need to make room for the dance beats...
  6. Admittedly it wasn't like they were queung out the door to get in but there were still heaps of people that went. Was usually busy enough to at least have an atmosphere. And there were definitely plenty of pissed of punters when it got cancelled. But someone, somewhere needs to do a rock/metal night on a Saturday.
  7. I used to go to Moshulu almost every Saturday night for about 2/3 years cos they had an awesome rock/metal night. Then all of a sudden they cancelled it and everyone that used to go there on saturday nights suddenly found themselves with no decent club to go to. So now I just don't go out of spite. Only been in there twice since they cancelled the metal night and both were gigs. Oh the money me and my mates used to spend in that place... Korova on a Friday night is pretty decent most of the time but there's still nowhere to go on a Saturday. Which is shit.
  8. Just to be a dick I'm going to pick you up on your spelling mistake on Matanuska haha This is gona be an awesome night by the looks of things.
  9. I now have 3 tickets to sell. Some people just aren't metal enough for Motorhead.
  10. Howdy. Got 2 tickets for sale for Motorhead at Glasgow's O2 Academy this Thursday night (19th Nov) if anyone fancies it. 25 each Just PM we if you're interested. Will meet the buyer in town Mon/Tue/Wed to exchange tickets for cash! Cheers Scott
  11. Ozzy era is the best IMO (with the exception of Never Say Die and Technical Ecstasy) but the Dio era is awesome in its own right. Completely different from the Ozzy stuff. And as long as Dio sticks to singing his stuff and not the Ozzy stuff then there are no problems. Saw a clip on YouTube of Sabbath with Dio playing Paranoid and it just didn't sound right at all. Mind you, not nearly as bad as Halford's attempt!! Born Again has to be the worst album in their entire back catalogue. Not a single good song on it IMO. Seventh Star was ok but not great. Iommi's later solo efforts were much better. The Tony Martin stuff wasn't too bad. Each album has at least one or two good songs. The Shining has to be one of my favourite Sabbath songs! There, I've said my piece.
  12. Typo!! I appear to have been misinformed. SUNCELL are playing, not SUN SELL. Sorry guys! Either way, they're awesome and so are Duke and Matanuska Gig is tonight! Don't miss it. Scott Matanuska
  13. As the title already says, Duke are playing with support from Matanuska and Sun Sell tomorrow night (Tuesday 27th October) at Cafe Drummonds for a night of rock n roll debauchery! Doors and tax as per usual. MySpace pages below to spark interest. DUKE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Matanuska on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Tell your friends. But most importantly, tell your sisters, girlfriends & wives! Hope to see you all there! Scott Matanuska
  14. My suggestion would be to do the fun part first and drink the 12 bottles of wine. Go on, you know you want to!
  15. Anyone know of any regular open mic nights in Aberdeen? Preferably somewhere that has their own gear...Besides Sunday night at Moorings of course. Thinking more about mid-week stuff. Maybe Drummonds or Tunnels or something? Cheers Scott
  16. http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/musicians/33010-female-jazz-soul-vocalist-looking-band.html I'm helping
  17. If I thought for a second that I'd look good in spandex i'd be right in there! haha
  18. 1. Line6 ToneCore Uber Metal distortion pedal (includes ac adapter) 35 (great condition, still has original packaging etc) 2. Behringer NR100 noise reduction pedal 20 (practically brand new - bought recently and only used a couple of times, still in original packaging etc) I'm selling them because I don't use them anymore. PM me if you're interested! Cheers Scott
  19. I have a spare ticket for the Down gig in Glasgow this Friday night if anyone fancies it. 20 and it's yours. (face value including postage and service charge) PM me! Cheers Scott
  20. I see you have some interest in guitar already. I also play guitar and might be up for this if the other guitarists fall through haha Been playing a few years. Not a HUGE Machine Head and Pantera fan. I like some of their stuff though. Got quite a few influences such as Metallica, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity etc etc etc
  21. Still need a bassist... *but not the guy in Chicago!
  22. Er, dude, I think you may have gotten lost somewhere. This is an Aberdeen-based site. As in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, not US...
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