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  1. I'm selling my Peavey Valve King 112 combo guitar amp. Basic spec below: 50w 16ohm 1 x 12" speaker 2 channels each with own EQ Original tubes replaced with JJ Electronics 2x 6L6GC & 3x 12AX7 tubes Comes with power cable and foot switch Only owned for a couple of years, spent the majority of the last year un-used. Gigged twice. Still in excellent condition, just needs new tubes. Selling because I decided to get an amp head and cab instead of a combo. Available new online for approx £350-400, will sell for £200. Collection preferred but can deliver within Aberdeen. Call me on 07814184119 if interested Cheers Scott
  2. I bought a Ritter double bass bag for an oversized guitar but I managed to track down a company to make me a custom bag instead so I no longer need this monstrous thing! Bought for about £150, selling for £50 to get rid. It's only left the house on one occasion so is still like new. Here's what the interweb has to say about it... Ritter RCDB900/BST 1/4 Bass Bag, padded double bass bag, 30mm density foam padding protection, deep soft velvet interior, made from quality water repellent polyester, stunning designer looks, two-tone and available in 3 fashionable colours, integrated one piece high density foam bumper runs through the whole length of the bag, available in 4 sizes, 25mm foam lumber support section, full pro backpack system with padded rucksack shoulder and waist straps, super comfortable padded straps backed with breathable anti slip material, removable mobile telephone / mp3 player pouch with rain proof headphone access, backpack pocket enabling rucksack straps to be neatly stowed away when not in use, removable padded bow pouch protector allows carrying of bow or bow with case, antiwear panels at base and head of the bag, internal zipper guard and non scratch lining, subtle, fully integrated reflective appliqué, super size A4 music and accessory pouch, colour coded soft padded carry handle, 2 front and 1 rear padded carry handles, integrated mobile telephone pouch, all round protective piping, front gusseted accessory pocket, RITTER styled interior nylon lining, bow pocket and pouch RITTER style lining, quality two-way zipper with RITTER branded ch rome, metal moulded zipper pulls, dot stitched embroidered RITTER logo, chrome, metal moulded RITTER badge, rubber diamond protection bumpers, heavy duty stitching throughout, individual identification tag. It's kept my guitar in excellent condition as it sat there in the corner of the room, not going anywhere. I've got another ritter bag (actually for a guitar this time) and it's lasted a good while so i'd imagine this would be the same. Phone/text me if you're interested or have any queries (07814184119). Don't PM me or comment below as I'm not online very often so I might not get it on time. Although I will try to check back as often as I can. Cheers Scott
  3. Cafe Drummonds presents Darkside Sundays Rock Night: the weekly Club Night with some live music to kick start the evening: MATANUSKA (www.facebook.com/MatanuskaBand) RUIN PLANET FEVER Doors @ 8pm £3 entry Club night runs from 11pm - 2am
  4. haha no Thunderfuck, sadly! That's only on our own CD...
  5. Some low budget record label in America. They basically release nothing but tribute albums. They've done quite a few over the years. But probably none you'll have heard of to be fair
  6. Matanuska are going to feature on an Ozzy Osbourne tribute album this year. It features an A-list, who's who of "has-been" rock stars and unsigned peasants such as ourselves. This press release just came out: Star-studded Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Cover Art Debuts, due in stores June 5! Due in stores nationwide in North America on June 5th, 2012, Versailles Records presents the FIRST definitive Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne's 40 year reign as the Prince of Darkness over the ever-thriving Heavy Metal genre he helped invent, 'No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne- 1971-2012 features rock and metal superstars and many of the hottest rock and metal bands on the rise from around the globe covering Ozzy's Black Sabbath and entire SOLO catalog performed in full-length, hit by hit chronological order over the course of a 3-CD set! The Tribute will feature exclusive liner-note commentary from a wide range of record producers who worked with Ozzy in the studio, including Ron Nevison, Duane Baron, Keith Olsen, and Michael Beinhorn; and the track listing features star-appearances from Vince Neil (Motley Crue), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Stu Hamm (Steve Vai band), Gregg Bissonette (Joe Satriani, Spinal Tap, David Lee Roth band), Derrick LeFevre (Lillian Axe), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter, Vinnie Vincent Invasion), Brad Gillis (Nightranger, Ozzy Osbourne Band), Gary Moon (Three Dog Night, Nightranger), Eric Singer (Kiss, Black Sabbath, Badlands, The Cult), Paul Taylor (Winger), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper Band, Slash’s Snakepit, LA Guns, RATT), and Richard Kendrick (Near Life Experience). The box-set also features bands from around the globe celebrating Ozzy’s legacy, including from North America: Leaving Eden, Bugsy Parker, Slant, Kingshifter, High Voltage, The Madeleine Haze, Fierce Atmospheres, Endless Vendetta, Tattoo Frank, Shane Doss, Metalhorse, Santagata, Takara, Mr. Thumb, Dawn of the Final Day, In His Blood, Cryptic Chaos, Mr. Murray, Dennis Deen, Ravage, A New Decree, Skyscreamers, All But Impossible, Sage4, and Jeries Alfreih; Snäkeskyn Whïskey, Titan’s Eve, and Rose Reiter from Canada. From Europe: Dirty Rose, Annihilation, and Attica Rage from Scotland; Critical Solution from Norway; Doom Dogs from Sweden; W.A.N.T.E.D. from Greece; Snowblind, Matanuska,Cornivus, Cry Havoc, and Black Iris from Britain; Critical Solution from Norway; Just One Fix from Sweden; Stonedirt from Hungary; Stalwart and Trelleborg from Russia; Erling Solem from Norway; Quatermoc from Spain; Kinoath from Australia; and from South America: REACT and Ozzmosis from Brazil; Riffuz and Nasty Reputation from Mexico; and Matvey and AL SOLO / MANURI from Argentina. For us lot in sunny Scotland, anyone interested in buying this CD will probably have to get it online. I've seen tribute albums by Versailles records on Amazon a few times over the years. Alternatively, we'll be selling copies at gigs once it's released. http://legacy.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=171330 Always cool to see your own band get a mention on Blabbermouth (albeit brief) It may not be a big-budget, chart-topping release, but it'll get us at least some exposure to the rest of the planet so I'm looking forward to it all the same. Scott
  7. Well that was the one and only time I'd ever been to LoFi and yeah, it was amazing. There's a lot more competition for these sort of places in Glasgow as well I think so that probably makes a massive difference.
  8. We practice at Toms every week, usually. But we've been trying to source a place that we could claim as our own and practice more regularly because it does start to dent your bank balance a fair bit if you want to practice more than once a week. We had a gig in Glasgow a few weeks back and booked a rehearsal room at Lofi Studios for a warm up before the gig and that place was excellent. You arrive at the room with all the amps, mics, drums, everything already set up and ready to go. All you need to do is plug your guitars in and you can play away. Saves you wasting a good 20mins or so setting up all the mic stands etc.
  9. Another overdose of Matanuska at the Moorings. We're on the same gig listings poster twice! Nice haha
  10. And if that same person also wants to film Matanuska then that wouldn't be the worst thing. Fatboy's paying
  11. Who needs Fudge with promotional skills as good as ours
  12. EVIL BLOOD!! Ok, not quite an Aberdeen band but they were feckin awesome all the same. Probably gona miss their gig next week which is a bit shit but hopefully they'll be back. GLASSMAN are the baws! But based on Doobie's comment, have they gone down the pan? That would be shit if that's the case. TOKE (Montrose). Don't know if they've played a Fudge gig this year, or ever, but they're an awesome band all the same. Played with them in Montrose, was a crackin' night. MATANUSKA Because if I don't vote for them, no-one will Playing The Moorings this Friday night (14th Oct) *cough* PLUG *cough*
  13. "interesting subject matter" - Aye, to say the least! Just wait til we get this new song finished, then you'll see how twisted Matanuska can really be haha
  14. Captain Toms Presents: Live In Room 2 5th. FOXIDE (Fox Die | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos) 4th. MATANUSKA (Matanuska | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos) 3rd. STIMULANT (www.myspace.comstimulant123) 2nd. EXTREME MACHINE 1st. SORT OF ALIVE Captain Toms, 11-15 Ann Street, Aberdeen Saturday 18th June 8pm - 1am 4 (tickets may be available from the bands but you can also pay at the door)
  15. MATANUSKA (Hard Rock / Groove Metal) Contact Matanuska | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos matanuskarocks@hotmail.co.uk Can also be found on Facebook Free Downloads Matanuska Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last.fm We can bring Guitar and Bass amps along to gigs. Drums, however, are an issue at the moment. Cheers Scott
  16. It pains me that Matanuska can't even win the WORST BAND award when we're clearly not gona win the MOST METAL OF METAL. Clearly we are loved and hated in equal measures...
  17. Cafe Drummonds are playing host to a night of ROCK! This Sunday, 13th January. Featuring: MATANUSKA(Nominees in the 2011 Fudge Awards: Most Metal of Metal AND Worst Band - so you know you're in for a treat) THE RICH GORDON BAND I'm assuming doors are about 8.30 and entry is about 3 but I'm not really sure. I also have no idea who else is playing that night or what time anyone is on... Cheers Scott
  18. This is tonight!! Still not sure who else is playing but apparently there's an ad in the Evening Express that lists about 4 or 5 bands or something.
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