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  1. Hey folks, I am selling my Washburn Idol. It's the WI-66Pro model in red with a black 'burst and quilted maple. This guitar comes as standard with Seymour Duncan pickups, Buzz Feiten tuning, Grover tuners and Washburn's VCC control which can give you humbucking mode, single coil mode and anywhere in between. It's in great condition, hardly been played since new. This guitar was fantastic value for money when new, so even more of a bargain now. I'm looking for around 300. Please feel free to ask any questions and PM any offers. I will deliver around the Aberdeen area for no extra charge.
  2. Have you still got this? I'm really tempted but a ballpark figure would help me work out if I'm dreaming or not. I don't want to offend you! Feel free to PM with a rough figure if you can. Thanks.
  3. Still for sale to a good home..... Might consider p/x for a 335-style guitar but would prefer cash.
  4. Still for sale guys!
  5. Wow, this forum moves fast! Anyone willing to make an offer before I put it on ebay?
  6. Up for sale is my Washburn WI66-Pro in wineburst. This guitar comes with Seymour Duncan pickups, Grover Tuners and Buzz Feiten tuning all as standard! It also uses Washburn's VCC system to enable any sound from humbucking to single coil. Mahogany body, maple top, mahogany set neck, etc. Just a solid workhorse that'll cover anything you want! I have never gigged this guitar so it is in great condition. There are a few light scratches on the front and back from plectra and clothing. No deep scratches, no dents, etc. All I'm looking for is 290ono. Please PM me to discuss. Sorry the pictures aren't great. If you want a close up picture of any particular part, let me know and I shall do my best!
  7. Well there we go, both are now sold pending payment! Maverick is away, filling the valleys of Wales with the sound of angry music, Washburn is taking a trip to Stamford. A happy christmas to all!
  8. Can't believe these guitars haven't been snapped up yet!
  9. These guitars are still available. I really want a new guitar so please make an offer and if you're in the Aberdeen area, I can probably deliver too. Sam
  10. Bump! Please don't make me put these on ebay!
  11. I've had interest in the Washburn but neither are sold yet. I also have a box of over 100 minidiscs if anyone is interested? Say 20 the lot?
  12. Hi there. The Washburn is about 18 months old. It has never been gigged and is in pretty much perfect condition.
  13. Bump and a price drop: Washburn WI66 Pro - 270 Maverick - 200
  14. I've had enquiries about this but again nothing solid. Please PM me if interested.
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