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  1. Oh it's Standing, sorry forgot to put that
  2. Really need to sell this, only 5 days to the gig! Seriously does no one in Aberdeen like Feeder or something?
  3. 1 Ticket to Feeder at the Aberdeen Music Hall on Tuesday 25th November 30 o.n.o Email me if interested a.s.a.p
  4. Reposting this as it really needs to go soon. Peavey Valve King Head & 412 Slant & Footswitch - 420 There is absolutley nothing wrong with this amp I just do not personally like it and would rather have a Marshall! If you need to see photos then ask me and I will gladly take them but I need to sell this amp now!
  5. There's no set time really but the sooner the better
  6. If I say 400, that's 150 less than what I paid for it and as far as I know you can't get it that cheap any where else I really need to sell this thing so if you or anyone you know might be interested please let me know a.s.a.p!
  7. Okay, I'll say 450 o.n.o Anyone interested at all???
  8. hahah trying to sell this guitar....thanks for the help!
  9. Only a couple of weeks old. Selling as now was not the best time to buy it and I really need the money for other things! Valve King Head + Valve King 412 Slant, looking for around 500 o.n.o I don't have any photo's of it to put up but here's a link to what it looks like http://media.zzounds.com/media/feed/large/PEVVKINGHS.jpg Just ask if you have any questions but it really needs to go soon!
  10. actually i just didn't like it. I asked for a mockingbird and the warlock was bought by mistake. it is infact in perfect condition
  11. Bearly used, sat in a box for the past year. 160 give or take
  12. sorry i forgot to put prices. the Warlock is going for around 160 and the Les Paul is around 100
  13. I'm 17 and looking for a bassist, drummer, rhythm guitarist and singer. I play rock/metal. i wont be recruiting anyone any time soon due to the fact that i cant currently get any where (lack of money/transoport) but if you could check my page and have a listen then let me know if you might be intereseted in joining in the near future. click an image to see that page OR
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