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  1. Bump! Got an idea for the genre and all that, I wanna do some garage rock/punk if you're all keen? Don't need any specific level of talent. I'm wanting a second guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Maybe a vocalist, but they have to be amazing!
  2. Sounds like fun, but if you want you can be the 4th member of my band? I'm thinking of doiing some indie and some punk.
  3. It's That's MISTER Angel to you! <3-All-Angels>
  4. I think I have a band here.
  5. I want to form a band. That's it in a nutshell. http://3-angel-.bebo.com That's me
  6. I might rejoin with you guys Mister Bailey, it has been some time. If we play waiting for an alibi, you've got my interest...
  7. I am sure I spoke to you guys before, although it wasn't about being a bassist. I would gladly be your bassist. I'm available for a try out/audition or whatever you wanna call it any time.
  8. I love this band, if you want I would more than happily drum for you.
  9. I am hunting for a guitarist and a drummer! I have looked amongst the bargain bins in John Lewis and Pick n Mix in Woolworths but no hope! Any one interested in forming a band that just wanna rock? Got a bassist and a vocalist all ready!
  10. Do you want me back Bailz? I am freelancing musically and need a band.
  11. Lol Funny comment, I wouldn't mind banding with someone who has a sense of humour, I'm a bassist who wants to play in a band though haha!
  12. I'm in, give me an em@il rick-rock@hotmail.co.uk
  13. I can teach drums if you want. I am a music teacher.
  14. I want to form a band, that's really it in a nutshell. I live in Portlethen which is a few miles out of Aberdeen so it's all good. I play the bass and possibly will be doing vocals, unless I find an amazing singer. I am 17 and am looking for peeps between 15-18 who are into Indie and Hard Rock. This is not a metal head super scream band so don't even try to make it that way hahaha! I have wrote a few songs for the band to play, and a band name will be decided when I get all my members. My bebo page is Four Strings is all I need... <Rick-Rock> and my MSN is rick-rock@hotmail.co.uk Or you could text or call me on 07944107654 Peace out
  15. Yup Am interested Four Strings is all I need... <Rick-Rock> Very rarely here, but always there
  16. HeartBreak Heaven <heartbreakheaven> Interested in Joining?
  17. Heartbreak Heaven looking for musicians to fill all slots, if you're interested go to HeartBreak Heaven <heartbreakheaven> and I'm the moderator. Band are doing all originals, not death metal, not emo, not punk, just plain ol' hard rock. Need to be decent at playing, experience at gigs isn't neccesary. Anyone in?
  18. Sorry mate, I can't play keyboard and extreme metal has never been my choice of music, I'll have to pass it mate
  19. I want to form a band I want dedicated people I don't know what genre the band will play, beggars are not choosers so anything will do although my personal preference is Indie I can play any instrument so any role in the band is open vice--versa@hotmail.co.uk http://rick-rock.bebo.com
  20. vice--versa@hotmail.co.uk Add me on MSN http://rick-rock.bebo.com I am in.
  21. Good one! But although he was a bit off in the head, it was very clever that trick! Try it everyone!
  22. Cool, good luck man. You've got to watch drummer George, that kid is amazingly good. Wayne and Lee are also good, but George, he is just amazing.
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