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  1. Currently looking to set up gigs across Scotland, anyone wanting an electronic/guitar band, check us out/contact us at Collington X on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Collington X
  2. Just read the thread properly!! Doh
  3. Are you still looking for a band? What venue? Collington X
  4. Sound Loved reading this thread. The nice long answers by Flash indicate one thing to me, these guys know what they're doing and WHY they're doing it. All in all, would really love to play the Moorings... sure I've mailed before... think my profile has links to our tracks, if not, it's on MySpace under Collington X. I don't know if this will do in terms of putting us forward for a gig, if not, what's the best way to contact (given that I am sure I did before, but didn't hear a thing back.... or was this possibly a hint and I should quit while I'm ahead?? :-) Collington X
  5. Mics???? F*&k the mics, Stupot, exactly where is 65 miles from Aberdeen, if you do a 6 Hours demo day for 100, I want to get in touch with you. With most of my stuff sequenced and just needing decent mastering of vocals and guitar, I could practically rattle off an album in 6 hours... where the hell are you and what's your contact details? I'm a good few miles outside of Dundee, so I figure you might be near me? Let me know, that's a cracking deal.
  6. Noise From a legal point of view (sorry to sound dull, but this was in the original question, and I actually know about this). There is no time scale involved in music/noise, that causes someone annoyance. You could be practicing at 2pm and if someone thinks that it's excessive and the cops agree, then you get done and the equipment that you're using to generate the noise goes with them when they leave. You then have to pay THEM for the storage and you could end up in court over it too... Nasty, costly and sort of unnecessary once you know these rules!! Trust me... experience can hurt!!!! All about respect at the end of the day, and even if your neighbour basically doesn't like you and just likes getting you in the shit, it doesn't matter, if they want to, they CAN stir up a lot of shit for you... take the advice about the electronic version, or go to a rehearsal/practice room!
  7. Cheers We're keen to come up as soon as we can, we've had a little bit of interest from people wanting us to get a gig sorted out, so hopefully sooner rather than later.
  8. Hi, Collington X are currently looking to play gigs around Scotland, one place of interest to us is Aberdeen... which are the venues we should be looking at for possible gigs. Our style is best described as Dark Pop/Alternative. We have a MySpace profile page, if you have any venues that you think would be suitable, either respond here or email me via our MySpace page. Thanks in advance! Collington X
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