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  1. sploot

    For Sale

    T E comp now sold.
  2. sploot

    For Sale

    No....however it does run effectively on 2 9v batteries which will be new, an 18v supply costs around 7 00 ?.....battery life is pretty good with this pedal. The DHA being a valve unit only runs with a power supply.
  3. sploot

    For Sale

    Keeley comp now sold.
  4. sploot

    For Sale

    dha mark3 + 18v power supply vgc 60.00 Keeley compressor slight damage to one of the knobs 60 00 Aphex big bottom/aural exciter vgc 40.00 Boss OC2 used condition completely functional 20.00 Trace Elliot SMX dual band compressor vgc 18v operation vgc 20.00
  5. Hi... I have a vgc DHA MK3 for sale.....60.00 complete with 18v power supply.
  6. It is the 2 knob version....I think a bolt beneath one of the knobs is loose. Everything works fine. I think around 70.
  7. I have an Ibanez Phat Hed bass overdrive for sale excellent condition. 20 00 Also a Keeley compressor, slight damage to one of the knobs, but completely functional offers.
  8. Boss ODB3 HI.... I have one scratched and bashed.....completely functional otherwise. 15 00 ?.
  9. Am on the lookout for a covers/original band , have experience , gear and transport . Interested in Rock , Soul Blues etc . keen to be rehearsing steadily , open minded about material/style . PM me or answer the thread if interested .
  10. sploot

    Gallien Krueger

    Has anyone ever had any experience of GK bass amps ? .
  11. Thanks for that.... have had the amp 18 years just used Boogie valves , no real problems just price . Would be grateful if you could tell me who supplies JJ's , understand about the bassman pre amp design . Harma's in my opinion emasculate the amp somewhat ....lower output , reduced bottom end . I refitted the Boogie valves , and feel I can make these comments , but the Boogies are in need of replacement . Thanks for yor help .
  12. Hi.... are there any 400 plus users who can advise on replacement valves ?...... have fitted a set of Harmas and they are piiiiiisssshhhh !!.
  13. Experienced Bass Player seeks gigging or soon to gig covers band. Rock , Blues , soul etc . Reliable , own transport good gear . PM if interested .
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