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  1. hey ppl,just testing the water here to see what replies i get.

    although i am in a punk band i really like loads of bands but i would really like to be involved in some sort of stoner/rock band something between qotsa and superjoint ritual so if anyone wantin to maybe do summit about this with me let me know:up:

  2. Well I've been to a few of their gigs now, and the new drumer made a huge difference to them. The songs just worked so much better. It was deffinately their stongest performance so far, but still room for improvement.

    hey cheers 4 thats comment there is always room 4 improvement and i am curious as to who you are tho!?

  3. *sigh* this band can't play in time with each other, or in tune with each other, the vocalist's style sometimes seems somewhat out of place with the forgettably generic music which seems to come from the second-rate tv soap incidental music school of thought.

    The tracks on the myspace site give the impression that the band is struggling to play the pieces, they don't sound particularly competent or well rehearsed - which doesn't surprise me because I wouldn't be arsed about putting any effort into playing these pointless and insipid songs either.

    1/10, because the singer isn't completely dreadful.

    whoa!!!,thats a bit harsh dude,but each to there own i guess,some of the feedback on these pages are a right slap in the face as i have had first hand experience myself but i guess not everyone is going to like the same band.

    anyways my feedback on the tunes is they sound ok but as others have said its not really my cup o tea but keep it up lads,i'm sure you have put alot of work into makin these songs and for that alone respect is deserved:up:

  4. At least the drummer knows what he's doing this time round. The addition of the new drummer is a good factor for you guys.

    I can't make out a fucking thing from that video apart from the fact that it is infact you guys playing.

    edit: Is it just me or is some really constant annoying clicking in the background? ?(

    is that not the ppl clapping along you hear?

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