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  1. yamaha pacifica fender strat(mex) kustom 80watt pa with 2 mics pm for pics and prices need rid movin house
  2. as title so many issues,some metal hammer issue's also,need rid as moving house and fed up movingf them all will sell in bundles or as one. cheap to clear
  3. hey ppl,just testing the water here to see what replies i get. although i am in a punk band i really like loads of bands but i would really like to be involved in some sort of stoner/rock band something between qotsa and superjoint ritual so if anyone wantin to maybe do summit about this with me let me know:up:
  4. :laughing::laughing: i have a few cars mostly vauxhalls,work on them day and nite but i have these parts lying bout its no chop shop................honest!!
  5. ford focus wrx roof top spoiler in black 60 ford focus rear black lexus lights 70 ford focus cat back s/s powerflow exhaust 125
  6. awesome playing dude if i could play like tha i'd form a band with you
  7. a title pm for parts and prices
  8. looking for a drummer to join as our drummer has decided to call it a day. we play hardcore punk/pop punk/grunge we are recording in couple weeks but could re-schedule to get new drummer up to speed and we have many gigs booked afterwards just a good,fun punky band with singalong choruses www.myspace.com/decipherpunx
  9. hey ppl anyone into cars and has any performance vauxhalls cars/spares lying about give me a shout:up:
  10. ha ye its does read a little different to what i was meaning
  11. er................... a few things,mechanics,gardening,look good in a shirt and tie;) can do heaps depends what the job is like i can adapt very easily if the price is right what you got?
  12. anyone want to give me a job? i can send a cv if you want but open to anything with a decent wage
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