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  1. anyone looking to buy a guitar amp for CHEAP!? ive got a Fender Frontman 212R 100W Combo and a Marshall MG 100W Combo im needing rid of! both have jus been used as practice amps in my room for a few years. taken a few bumps over the years nothing major and both still working fine! the fender has a missing knob which still works just needs a new cap on top of it which wouldnt cost that much to replace! 50 each anyone interested!?
  2. Used once, my m8 bought the same pedal on the same day for the band so i have no use for it! bought for 120. 100 any takers??
  3. awsome thnx for taking the time man!
  4. Sounds Like A splash of MCS, a pinch of Greenday, a spoonfull of Plus 44 and a cup of Houston calls.... mmm, thats one tasty dish =P www.myspace.com/atikstar Atik Star <Myoccasionalhero> any feedback would b awsomely appreciated +Napz+
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