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  1. mm I need to get my information some how.. But I do have a company name and if this research checks out. I may start in up in the future.
  2. Hi, I am researching the possibility of opening up a small label company which will also be providing a promoting and distribution service for our clientele. If you could answer the following questions, it would be a great help: -Do you record any material yourself, if yes, do you use your own D.A.W. or do you record at a recording studio in Aberdeen? -How often do you record at a recording studio within 6 months? -What recording studio(s) do you use? -Would you pay to have your music mixed with a professional monitoring system? -Would like to have you music mixed by a professional sound engineer? -Would you be happy with a promoting and distributing service once your music has been mastered? -Would you be happy with having your music sold in your local CD stores? -Would you be happy about having your music distributed nationally (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland)? -Is there any specific recording and or processing equipment to make your tracks better quality? Your opinions will be a great help. Cheers, Pollock
  3. I am organising a gig for a college project. It's part of the HNC (Music) course which I am currently studying. I am promoting musicians who study music at Aberdeen college and i am also going to donate money to a local charity called 'Friends of ANCHOR' (www.friendsofanchor.org). I will also be performing at the event myself (playing in Zeitgeist, Sax player). Tickets @ door; 3.50 (unless you have a student card = 2.50) So come along and support Aberdeens Live music scene and a worth while local charity. Hope to see you there:up: Craig Pollock ccpollock@yahoo.com OR uk.myspace.com/ccpollock17
  4. Emm... Im not sure if i understand the 'High-pitched orgasm' bit?( , But yes, i do like to play live. Craigie
  5. Yeh!!! Yes i am currently learning to play the song, Baker Street. It is a great song, not sure what "Your latest Trick" means, but i do play many up-beat songs, Craigie 8)
  6. Hello my name is Craig Pollock and i play the alto Sax. I'm about Grade five to six, i love all styles of music: Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul and i can play some Jazz, although i am trying to learn. The songs i love to play are: Careless Whisper, Stand By Me, Hit The Road Jack, Fever, Clocks(Coldplay), Mad World, Out of Reach... I am currently studying Music Technology at AC. If anyone one is needing a sax in the backgrong of their songs contact me by e-mail or mobile, ccpollock@yahoo.com OR 07772613198 (unreachable till 4.30pm) Craig Pollock Cheers
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