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  1. Pfft, nah I havn't, lol, I will do though. CL?... Uh, no thanks, lol, i'm not CL material tbh, I just follow orders.
  2. o_O I know you? lol, don't recognize the pic, but then again half your face is covered
  3. Aye, I wrote that at like 2am when I could barely see straight, I thought someone was starting, lol
  4. lol, thanks jase mate but i don'teven know what they are talking about, who am i fighting and why? :S
  5. Fuck it, don't wanna cause hassle. Ignore.
  6. Hahaha, Could I beat him up if he tried anything? Or is he a big mofo
  7. Daryl did all my piercings, and I wouldn't let anyone else near me with a needle. Retro Rebels all the way.
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