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  1. Nicolaaar

    The Led Zeppelin reformation

    I considered going, til I saw the ticket price..
  2. Nicolaaar

    What Cd's have you been buying recently?

    Loads of Blonde Redhead, and Oneida's album.
  3. Nicolaaar

    Alamos / Shutter + others

    Gutted I can't make this!
  4. Niiiiiiice. I'll definitely be at the Glasgow gig. Great Lake Swimmers playing in Glasgow too! This is going to be a good few months.
  5. Really? What date? I can't find info anywhere..
  6. Nicolaaar


    Thanks! I've sold my ticket anyways, I'm just checking for my pals.
  7. Nicolaaar


    Where did you get those stage times?
  8. Nicolaaar


    Lastfm is better.
  9. Eluvium supporting too! Got my ticket.
  10. I really need to see Akron/Family.
  11. Aaah I thought I noticed a similarity!
  12. He was in The Angels Of Light as well wasn't he?
  13. Nicolaaar


    Apparently on their recent tour they didn't play a lot of We Were Dead, and there was lots of Good News and some old stuff.
  14. Nicolaaar


    Aereogramme's last ever ever ever gig. :'( And Rilo Kiley, Sons & Daughters, Teenage Fanclub, Bjork Bjork Bjork, Beasties, Modest Mouse, The Hold Steady, Regina Spektor, M.I.A, My Latest Novel and Tilly And The Wall! It's going to be amazing.
  15. Nicolaaar

    Tellison - Contact! Contact!

    Amazing album. Need to see them again soon.