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  1. Anyone want a look at the UseTheInkRibbon Official Soundtrack? Usetheinkribbon - Download Usetheinkribbon Music on iTunes or Usetheinkribbon OST1: Usetheinkribbon: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads also.. our latest episode --> (I'm aware that this episode only gets good about half way through)
  2. This is out first bash at our studio episodes! please leave us some suggestions, ideas or anything really.. oh and if any local bands want a shout out, let us know!
  3. Hey everyone! just an update here.. our latest video is a zombie resident evil comedy video shot in aberdeen in Korova rock klub! check it out here : REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE IT!
  4. hey guys Just started a new venture with a few guys to dive into the wonderful world of comedy! we've finally got ourselves into gear and launched our YouTube channel but we we're wondering if anyone in aberdeen was interested in helping us out as part of our production staff ( cameramen, sound guys, extras in sketches.. etc) Anyways.. feel free to check out our latest video.. and subscribe to the channel if you'd be so kind! thanks alot -Magic-
  5. Semper Fi are hugely entertaining to watch! Seriously under-rated, for how much raw passion they produce whilst on stage! I'd love to see more marketing done on thier behalf to give them the platform they deserve! Keep up the good work guys!
  7. also please include contact details for yourself in the e-mail! I think you'd be a great idea.
  8. Yes you could be suitable. Can you provide any sort of link to your material? and covers are great. can you e-mail me on the aforementioned address please?
  9. Hi there, Running a one night only event in Newburgh. Tickets are on sale.. Halloween based event on saturday the 30th of October. Needing multiple acts. Interested to hear from any kind of live act. Poster will be up shortly. AVC Media are supplying an incredible array of effects for this. NOTE : The professional staff involved will be running a tight schedule. Bands/Acts who do not show up for Sound check will not get a sound check - If late for stage call, will have a reduced set on stage. E-mail to : Aberdeentech@gmail.com POSTER WILL BE UP SHORTLY.
  10. Well... because you can still check your e-mails, your internet connection is obviously stable.. so the router and ISP are probably ok. However... we would need to know your Operating System... you Vista or XP ?
  11. Unfortunately none of these replies to pressing D are incorrect UNICODE or ASCII responses, therefore this might not be a firmware issue. It does infact sound like a manufacturers defect in the keyboard/motherboard itself... the obvious clue towards that theory is the fact that all of the apparently random responses you are getting whilst pressing the letter D are all right next to, or surrounding the area of where D is located. Was one of the menu's brought down the Help menu by anychance? because pressing ALT + H would bring down that menu.. and H is next to J on the keyboard.... What is the make and model of your laptop? I'll be able to direct you to a location to see if it's still under warrenty... you can normally just phone them up (hp or dell) and they'll send either replacement parts or get a new laptop to you in a matter of a couple of days... 9 times out of 10 they don't need your old parts sent back either. Thing is though.. you WILL need to sit on the phone for about 40 minutes though... maybe not on hold but saying yes/no questions to an Indian... sorry bud but that is just the way it is..It's "procedure" apparently.
  12. Nah i'm totally with Christian Bale in this clip.... he's probably spent countless hours debating and battling with himself to turn himself into John Conner.... (we all saw what he did to himself in the movie "the machinist" ) and here we have a major point of the film.... the cornerstone of his months of work and changing his mindset to match that of a victim of a world apocalypse who's ready to kill to survive and some fucker is pissing about with lights and moving them around on a set.... If i was truly involved with the character of john conner i might have been excused for taking a weapon to him. Blinking a light in Christian's face during his multimillion dollar epic? Who wouldn't be upset.
  13. Hi there... are you using Windows XP (pro or not pro) or Vista? (if so, what version). Lemme see if i can help you.. but it sounds like you want to go into Langauge and regional settings in the Control Panel buddy... there is some keyboard options in there which you can upgrade which could give the keyboard it's firmware "jumpstart" that you need. I'll talk you through it if you gimme something to go on.. -M- (p.s IT Manager by trade)
  14. I caught a 33 hour bus from Ellon to Costa Brava in spain(5th year ellon academy trip!) Was proper mint! Ended up getting caught with booze on that trip...... what a total waste of a 140 euros! Perhaps i went overboard......... but the teachers didn't need to drink it all infront of me to teach me a lesson huh? -M-
  15. What is the recommended specs for this game like? I've been considering it for a while now.
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