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  1. delius

    Pod 2.0 for sale

    The Weber is the big grey box - it's the one with the dummy speaker. Fine working condition - vol pot is crackles a bit when turning it - I hadn't got round to getting contact cleaner - but in good working order. I was using it with a Fender Deville on the clean channel and it sounds great - I'm just stripping down the ammount of gear I gig with, hence getting rid of it... Welcome to come round to the house to hear it (I live in the Aboyne area).
  2. Good condition. Comes with manual,power supply, and Pod Settings Bible.... Looking for 100. Also got a Weber Mass Attenuator for sale for around 75.
  3. What a ridiculous and useless post!
  4. Check out this Youtube player's channel lots of great playing with tabs available to download...
  5. The wah effect works fine, but when the pedal is switched off, there is a huge drop in volume. The volume is fine when the pedal is on however, and the effect is fine. I've tried a few batteries, so that's not the problem. Anyone any ideas? Any help appreciated...
  6. I'm looking for something cheap for a beginner - anything in reasonable nick considered.
  7. Thanks for the replies, but I've bought one now.
  8. looking for something cheap and cheerful. Would be a bonus If it had an aux. in input, but would consider anything....
  9. If you have one to offload at a decent price, I'm interested...
  10. When I initially started this thread, I had no idea about The RGT or Rockschool syllabuses, but have now worked through both up to grade 8 level. I think RGT in particular offers a reasonably well structured system for progressive learning. Likewise, I'd been playing for years before coming across these : I've used the teaching diploma handbook rather than the grade books, but found it a useful checklist for my own playing and knowledge...
  11. Got forum member the Lame Guitarist to modify my Boss BD-2, and I'm really impressed with the result. The Bluesdriver's overdrive can be a bit on the harsh side, and what I was hoping for was a smoother, fuller tone. My newly modded Bluesdriver does exactly that, cleans up nicely with the volume down, and is more fluid and responsive to boot. The pedal now sounds infinitely better than a standard BD-2! I must add that I was thoroughly impressed by Lame Guitarists professionalism - the pedal was back in my hands in a couple of days, and I was provided with a detailed log sheet which explained each modification, what was swapped in and out, and what the purpose of each mod was. I've also now got a funky little white LED which looks kind a cool, and the whole thing cost just 20. Great job lame Guitarist - cheers!
  12. Fulltone do a good clean boost, and you can pick them up on Ebay. As you say, you can use an overdrive pedal as a boost; I use a Boss BD2 with the volume up and everything else rolled off, as a volume boost - does the job.
  13. Iceberg, I've sent you a private message....
  14. I'm selling a decent lefty solid wood electro-acousitic; very good condition, with hard case, looking for 140 (retails at 400, no case) Vintage VEC1400 Electro-Acoustic Series Top: Solid Spruce Back: Solid Mahogany Sides: Solid Mahogany Binding: Flame Maple - Top, Flame Maple – Sides Purfling: Inlaid Abalone Soundhole: Inlaid Abalone Back/Bottom Centre Line: Multi-Layer Birds-eye Maple Neck: Mahogany, Two Way Truss Rod Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Saddle: Compensated Scale: 648mm Preamp: Shadow SH863 Pickup: Shadow Piezo Transducer Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Pre Shape, Phase Reversal Switch Tuners: Grover 102G Gold Strings: High Quality USA Made
  15. You're the IT guy Ray - what did I do wrong??o_O Google 'Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive and you're there!!
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